3 Ways Actors Can Learn How to Memorize Lines Fast

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Need help learning how to memorize lines fast? Recently, on Reddit, actors shared their best advice for learning how to memorize lines. One user explained the best way to memorize lines revolves around repetition. "Repetition of lines can be helpful, sometimes just breaking it into chunks can be the best thing to do, slowly learn one line, then add another one or two. After that, try combining all 3. rinse and repeat, so on so forth until you complete the entire speech. Otherwise, if you bounce lines of friends, that can sometimes help." Another user commented, "I find that writing the lines down one by one and memorizing each word that way to be more helpful than verbal memorization, as I tend to picture the script in my mind sometimes when I get stuck, and being able to picture it as a paragraph in my own handwriting works better. I usually end up filling 3-6 pages, back to back, adding words each time I write. I also like to challenge myself and write it in different fonts and at different speeds, just so I know I've really got it." Then, there's the Rude Goldberg technique that focuses on concentrating on why you are saying what you are saying. "I do a "Rube Goldberg" technique that seems to work: Start with line one, and notice something in it that gives you a reason to say line two, and so on. That's how we speak and write anyway. One thought leads to the next. I know this sounds basic, but really play with the idea of what and how you notice; and use all of your senses. Think of everything in the circumstance that could lead the character to the next thought. Usually, it helps to have a trigger word in each line." What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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