Will Ferrell Reportedly in Talks to Star in John Madden Biopic

Will Ferrell Reagan

Will Ferrell Reagan - Will Ferrell is going to play Ronald Reagan in an upcoming feature film.

Will Ferrell in Discussions to Star in Biopic About John Madden

In a recent report from Deadline, it has been revealed that famous actor Will Ferrell is in talks to portray the iconic NFL figure John Madden. Several sources close to the project have confirmed these discussions.

The biopic titled "Madden," which is currently being developed by Amazon and MGM, aims to chronicle the life and achievements of the legendary coach and color commentator. Leading the project as director is David O. Russell, known for his work on the film "Amsterdam" last year. Russell has co-written the script alongside Cambron Clark, and they were revising it when the writer's strike caused a temporary halt in the production.

The production of "Madden" is being handled by Todd Black, Jonathan Shukat, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch for Escape Artists.

The movie will be released as a Prime Video Sports Original. It will delve into the inspiring journey of John Madden, who served as the head coach for the Oakland Raiders and never experienced a single losing season during his remarkable ten-year tenure. It will also explore the challenges and pressures associated with his demanding job, his close friendship with Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, and his eventual transition into commenting for CBS and Fox.

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