Why 'Fantastic Four' is the Worst Superhero Movie in the Last 5 Years

'Fantastic Four' is the worst superhero movie in the last 5 years.

According to Variety, 'Fantastic Four' is a major failure in the box office. With a $120 million dollar budget, the super hero reboot is on track to make only $28 million. The movie is so bad even the 'Fantastic Four' director, Josh Trank has distanced himself from the ending. Fantastic Four Cast Kobby Dagan / 'Fantastic Four' is so bad in fact, the last major superhero movie to be released that bombed in the box office was 'The Green Hornet' and that movie made $33.5 million in 2011. To add insult to injury 'Fantastic Four' is currently labeled as the worst reviewed movie in Marvel history. 'Fantastic Four' is not only sitting at one of the lowest movie review scores of 2015, but the rating is tied with 'Elektra' one of the worst movies ever made. Judging from the reviews, the biggest problem with 'Fantastic Four' has to do with the storyline. Will this end the 'Fantastic Four' franchise? Should we expect Marvel to finally take back control of the superheroes from Fox?

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