'White Lotus' Star Will Sharpe To Direct 'Crying in H Mart' Movie

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Acclaimed 'White Lotus' Star Will Sharpe to Helm Film Adaptation of Bestselling Novel 'Crying in H Mart'

Will Sharpe of White Lotus fame will be at the helm for the upcoming movie version of Michelle Zauner's memoir, Crying in H Mart.

In 2021, MGM's Orion Pictures acquired the rights to the book, entrusting Stacey Sher and Jason Kim with its production. Drawing inspiration from her book, Zauner is set to compose the script. It will feature her early days in Oregon, visits with her grandmother in Seoul, her music career as part of Japanese Breakfast, and her romantic journey with her husband. During this trying time, Zauner's beloved mother, Chong-mi, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, forcing her to return home to Oregon to care for her.

Based on the official synopsis, “Critical and smothering Chong-mi and creative and independent Michelle struggle to understand each other across a cultural fault line, only learning to see and accept one another through the formative power of music the vibrant flavors of Korean cooking.”

“I found that it felt universal in its specificity,” In an interview with People, Sharpe shared her thoughts on the story. “For me, it would be Japanese food and remembering growing up going to the 7-Elevens and the convenience stores in Tokyo and the dumplings my mother would make when I was unwell. And I felt like I could recognize that in the descriptions of the Korean porridge or the kimchi and how important that still is to Michelle and how food can carry certain other things within it about your life.”

Sharpe's remarkable directing résumé features Benedict Cumberbatch's The Electrical Life of Louis Wain and Black Pond and a variety of episodes from HBO’s Landscapers. Watch for more information on Sharpe's anticipated directorial project, Crying in H Mart.

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