Two of the Original Power Rangers Didn't Like the Power Rangers Reboot

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers was well praised by critics. Thanks to the movies storyline, acting, and ability to connect with five teenagers allowed for a movie to thrive in the box office.

That said, some people didn't really like the movie including two of the original Power Rangers. In fact, the original blue and black Power Rangers, David Yost and Walter Jones, held a panel at Chicago’s C2E2 convention explained their distaste for the movie.

Jones explained that the movie didn’t reveal the black Power Ranger’s signature fighting style: Hip Hop Kido. Because the black Power Ranger is a big danger he always enjoyed taking out his enemies with elements of dance. However, for the movie that fighting technique was cut.

“I was a little disappointed that they changed the characters around a little bit because I wanted Zach to be with his kido because Hip Hop Kido was a really important element of who I was on 'Power Rangers'. I think if they would have added that then there could have been some parkour and there could have been so many other elements to that character that it would have been awesome.”

David Yost didn’t really like the how the movie used the catch phrase “It’s Morphin Time”. According to him, it didn’t generate any excitement like it did in the show.

"The only thing I care about progression wise when they do a sequel and they morph they better bring it and they better say 'It’s Morphin Time.' When we said, 'It’s morphing time!,' it was like, 'Shit’s about to go down;' when they said it in the movie it was so lackadaisical I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

In addition, Jones didn’t feel like the villains had any personality.

“I want to see some of the villains have voices or more voices. Like in the 'Power Rangers' [Television Series> the villains were from outer space or aliens but they had voices and personalities. I hope that the villains grow to have more definite personalities”