Trailer for A24's 'Talk to Me' Warns of the Consequences of Communicating With the Paranormal

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New York, USA - 15 February 2021: A24 website in browser with company logo, Illustrative Editorial (Postmodern Studio / Shutterstock)

A24's 'Talk to Me' Trailer Emphasizes the Dangers of Messaging with the Mystic Realm.

A24 has recently unveiled the sensational trailer for Danny and Michael Philippou's highly-anticipated horror movie, Talk to Me.

Garnering worldwide attention upon its debut at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, this film marks the feature directorial launch of twin brothers Philippou. These two initially rose to prominence with their RackaRacka YouTube channel and have since created an incredible body of work that has earned them recognition around the globe. On the fateful night preceding her mother's passing, Mia (Sophie Wilde) attempts to communicate with a supernatural world by partaking in a séance that quickly goes awry in Talk to Me. This film delves into how an embalmed hand can bridge the gap between our realm and beyond. Her sustained touch opened the gateway to a world beyond reality, unleashing undefinable terrors upon our physical realm.

Don't miss out! Check out the trailer for Talk to Me above and join us for the US premiere on July 28.


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