Toys R Us is Selling 'Breaking Bad' Toys, Mothers are Furious

Mom petitions to Toys R Us to stop selling 'Breaking Bad' toys.

Is it wrong for toy stores to encourage kids to become drug dealers? Susan Schrivjer, a Florida mom has started an online petition to get Toys R Us to remove Breaking Bad action figures from the store. In less than a week, the petition received well over a thousand signatures. Despite being a fan of the show, Schrivjer was "appalled" that the toys were being sold in a children's toy store, arguing that Toys R Us' "visions and values" need to be changed. "Anything to do with drugs is not doing the right thing," she explained. Read more: The “Breaking Bad” Auditions are Incredible [VIDEO> Breaking Bad was a hit AMC series that centered around a chemistry teacher who starts cooking crystal meth. The toy line features the likenesses of characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Walter White's characters is featured holding a tray of crystal meth. Read more: Aaron Paul Reveals he Misses Playing Jesse Pinkman from ‘Breaking Bad A Toys R Us rep argued that the toys are labeled for children ages 15 and older, with the toys located in the adult section of Toys R Us. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.