Entertainment News"Tokyo Vice": Overcoming Challenges for On-Location Shoots in Japan

“Tokyo Vice”: Overcoming Challenges for On-Location Shoots in Japan


Key Takeaways

– Despite challenges, the creators of the Max series, Tokyo , successfully secured a location for their shoot in Japan.
– Season 2 provides a more authentic depiction of Japanese life, capturing the outdoor atmosphere and nightlife culture.
– Lead actor teases a satisfying finale for Tokyo Vice's second season.
– The show stands apart from other Hollywood productions for its commitment towards authenticity.

Capturing the True of Japan

Amidst the deluge of content, the Max series, Tokyo Vice, has earned its place, continually captivating audiences since 2022. Unlike conventional Hollywood sets, this series brings an accurate representation of life in Japan, clearly evident in the creators' relentless pursuit of filming on location.

In the role of real-life American journalist Jake Adelstein, Ansel Elgort dives into crimes of the Japanese underworld alongside Ken Watanabe's Hiroto Katagiri. Through the complex tapestry of socio-cultural beliefs and the environment they threaded, the creators indeed breathed life into Tokyo Vice.

Tokyo Vice: Pushing the Boundaries of Authenticity

A significant attribute of Tokyo Vice, distinguishing it from other Hollywood productions, is its for authenticity. Most Hollywood shoots based in Japan are meticulously reproduced either on a sound stage or in another region. However, Tokyo Vice challenged this convention by shooting on location in Japan, not letting the past hurdles of Brad Pitt's Bullet Train deter them.

This resolve is evident in the decision to film a pivotal of the show in Tokyo's historic Akasaka district, an area personally scouted by the show's location manager, Masanori Aikawa. Aiming to give a proper homage to the locale, the crew scoured the intricate lanes and bustling nightlife of Japan for their series.

Interestingly, while on set, they encountered an alleged yakuza member safeguarding the filming area, reinforcing the pulse of real-life embedded deeply into the show.

Japan on Camera: Challenges and Triumphs

Alex Boden expressed the team's determination to respect Japan's rules and regulations. He acknowledged a unique opportunity presenting itself with Tokyo Vice, attaching a great value to not jeopardizing their relationships in Japan. Boden's team had a clear vision for the series, believing that a mere recreation could not embody the authentic look, feel and essence of Japan.

With the release of Tokyo Vice's Season 2, the exterior aesthetics of Japan took center stage, shifting focus from interiors to the expansive cityscapes and vibrant nightlife. This move aimed to immerse audiences further into the narrative, bringing a facet of Japan rarely witnessed in Hollywood productions.

Promising Conclusion to Tokyo Vice Season 2

As Season 2 of Tokyo Vice is edging towards a conclusion, Ansel Elgort assured of a gratifying finale. Erasing the familiar concept of cliffhangers that leave audiences in anticipation, Elgort promised a wholesome conclusion. He confirmed that the finale closes the season in a satisfying way that enhances the overall viewing experience.

Returning for Season 2, the also includes Ken Watanabe, Rachel Keller, Hideaki Itō, and Show Kasamatsu. The high-anticipated finale of Tokyo Vice Season 2 is set to premiere on Max on April 4, 2024.

By championing authenticity and by overcoming significant challenges, Tokyo Vice has set a new standard in foreign production. The show's success serves as an exemplar for upcoming Hollywood projects, inspiring them to venture beyond mere re-creations and deliver realistic depictions of diverse locales.

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