Entertainment News"Tokyo Vice" Location Manager Battled Challenges While Filming in Japan

“Tokyo Vice” Location Manager Battled Challenges While Filming in Japan


Key Takeaways:

– The filming of Tokyo halted Akasaka, a bustling nightlife district in Tokyo.
– WB location manager, Masanori Aikawa, battled challenges of securing filming location & weather disruptions.
Season 2 has taken an authentic approach by filming in iconic spots in Tokyo.
– The release of Season Two was on February 8, 2024.

In March 2023, Akasaka, a vivid nightlife district in Tokyo, was eerily silenced as a crime scene from the hit Tokyo Vice came to during the filming of its second season. The spectacle unfolded from dusk till dawn, captivating passersby with an accurate reproduction of a crime scene from the show, all while an unexpected weather challenge threatened to derail the entire process.

Akasaka Becomes Stage for Tokyo Vice Season 2 Filming

Under the neon lights of Akasaka known for its elite hostess clubs, the Tokyo Vice team masterfully repurposed iconic spots for the integral settings of the new season. The ease of filming in this district, surrounded by cultural and political landmarks was not simple as Masanori Aikawa, the location manager for Tokyo Vice Season Two, candidly attested in The Hollywood .

While the permission to film was a hurdle crossed, another major challenge sprouted out of nowhere—rain. Aikawa admitted that the relentless downpour added extra pressure, potentially jeopardizing crucial scene setups, particularly after a violent fight sequence.

Ups and Downs During Filming in Japan

Despite the looming threat, nerves ran high throughout the team due to the impending street closures and narrow Tokyo streets that defied the setup of . Department heads set up camp in rented restaurants, gearing up to capture the aftermath of a fictional tragedy.

Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe, the leading stars, were poised for action amidst , period ambulances, and police cars, ready to replicate a chaotic crime scene. The Akasaka neon signs casting an authentic, raw hue to the scene offered a vivid contrast to a conventional soundstage.

Tokyo Vice Season 2: Striving for Authenticity

Tokyo Vice has been a showstopper since its inception, gripping viewers with its intricate narrative based on Jake Adelstein's 2009 book. The second season premiered on February 8, 2024, and didn't just continue the legacy—it redefined authenticity.

Rather than sticking to the generic crime drama, filming in Akasaka allowed the production team to infuse the city's energy into scenes. This immersive experience catapulted Tokyo Vice Season 2 into an exceptional category, allowing viewers to experience Tokyo's essence.

Reflection on Filming Tokyo Vice Season 2

As season 2 edges closer to the finale, can anticipate much more than a riveting plot. Bringing the narrative of Tokyo Vice to life was an arduous journey, demanding meticulous planning and adaptability. This behind-the-scenes sneak peek has emphasized that authenticity is worth the sweat and struggles, as it breathes life into narratives, connecting audiences closer to the story.

Despite the obstacles, Tokyo Vice season 2 succeeded in not only capturing the spirit of Akasaka but also in providing intriguing insights into the heartbeat of Tokyo, a feat that rewards the hard work of everyone involved in the production.

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