TMZ Sued for Harassment, Wrongful Termination and Sexual Discrimination

TMZ is getting sued for Sexual Discrimination and Wrongful Termination by a Female Writer.

Catherine Hillin claims that the executive producer Evan Rosenblum told her "Don't be a girl" and "You're f-ing s-t", according to The Wrap. Hillin was a writer for TMZ and according to reports, filed a lawsuit Friday against the company for sexual discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination. The suit claimed that Catherine "Taryn" Hillin, show as employed by TMZ as a producer for a year and a half was the only female writer on the celebrity news website's staff.
Hillin alleges that she was quickly advised that TMZ was a “boys club” favoring male employees over female employees, with one employee telling her, “Good luck being a girl writer.” The suit goes on to cite specific examples of discriminatory comments by executive producer Evan Rosenblum, including, “Don't be a girl” and “Never cry in front of me.” Hillin further claims that Rosenblum humiliated her by screaming at her in front of coworkers, and belittling her with comments like, “You're f—ing s–t,” and “I f—ing hate this s–t you hand in.” [The Wrap>
The lawsuit goes on to say that Hillin was never allowed the opportunity to rewrite her work and was forced to have her male co-workers re-write her work for her. On top of that, she was never given any positive feedback for her writing while her male counterparts were repeatedly praised. The lawsuit also alleges that Rosenblum gave male writers more favorable assignments than the female writers. Hillin also claims she was denied promotions, while less-qualified individuals were promoted ahead of her.
Hillin claims that she was terminated after complaining on multiple occasions about Rosenblum's discriminative behavior and the hostile work environment. She alleges that she was terminated based on her gender and as retaliation, and that the reason she was given was mere pretext. The suit further states that Hillin's replacement was a male lacking her education, experience and/or qualifications.
Hillin filed suit against TMZ Productions, Inc., EHM Productions Inc., and Warner Bros. Entertainment and will be seeking damages, legal fees, and if necessary a trial by jury for her case. What do you think of the law suit? Have something to add? Leave us a comment below!

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