The CIA Bashes Michael Bay's New Movie '13 Hours'

The C.I.A is not too happy with Michael Bay's Benghazi movie 13 Hours

According to reports, a spokesperson for the CIA is criticizing the Michael Bay movie "13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" as a "distortion of the events and people who served in Benghazi that night." Spokesman, Ryan Trapani, was intereviewed by the Washington Post about the incident said: “No one will mistake this movie for a documentary,” Tripani told the Post. “It’s a distortion of the events and people who served in Benghazi that night. It’s shameful that, in order to highlight the heroism of some, those responsible for the movie felt the need to denigrate the courage of other Americans who served in harm’s way.” The CIA base chief, identified only as "Bob," bashes a key point in the movie, when he tells the six contractors to "stand down" before responding to calls for help at the nearby diplomatic compound. “There was never a stand-down order,” the CIA chief told the Post. “At no time did I ever second-guess that the team would depart.” The CIA chief told the Post that he spent about 20 minutes trying to enlist local security teams. The filmmakers along with the contractors who authored the book upon which it is based, have defended the movie and its portrayal of events. It starts with a clear message by saying, "This is a true story." In fact, Paramount, the movie's distributors responded by releasing a press release. Paramount strongly defends the movie by saying, “The movie and book got it right. The CIA spokesman’s comments are predictable but not remotely credible." Paramount adds:“– All evidence — and the CIA’s past statements — points to the conclusion (included in the movie and the book) that the delay was caused by a sincere but ultimately misguided attempt to coordinate with 17 Feb militiamen. But from the guys’ perspective, based on a collective century of military experience, that was a fool’s errand because 17 Feb had failed to help Tyrone during the airport standoff; 17 Feb was on a work stoppage for higher pay during the ambassador’s visit; and 17 Feb generally couldn’t be counted on in a live-fire situation with an American ambassador’s life at stake." Michael Bay's thriller would end up losing to Kevin Hart's Ride Along 2, in the box office earning less than $30 million. Michael Bay’s 13 Hours has slipped in the box office to only fourth place. According to reports, the movie will only make half as much as Ride Along 2 with only $20 million, which is severely disappointing considering Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper earned $107.2 million and both movies used the same marketing decisions bytargeting political conservatives. 13 Hours centered around a political terrorist attack in 2012 against the U.S. Embassy compound in Benghazi that left four people dead including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Peter Travers with the Rolling Stone says this about 13 Hours, “Several critics have given 13 Hours a pass, citing Bay’s skill at action engineering. It’s his failure at everything else that makes this movie as hard to endure as it is impossible to believe. #helpme”.

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