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Taz Skylar Overcomes Negative Fan Reactions to Shine as Sanji in Netflix’s ‘One Piece’


Key Takeaways:

– Surpassing low expectations, Netflix's live-action One Piece won acclaim, particularly for its casting choices.
– Taz Skylar's portrayal of the character Sanji won over many fans who initially criticized his casting.
– The actor attributes his success to the criticism he received, driving him to push his boundaries and excel in his role.
– Skylar not only trained as a martial artist for his role but also honed his culinary skills to authentically portray Sanji's cooking abilities.
– Despite facing a wave of criticism, Skylar emerged victorious, paving the way for the second season of One Piece on Netflix.

On Defying Initial Fan Rejection

Initially, fans greeted the announcement of the Live-action adaptation of One Piece with skepticism. Predominantly, their doubt stemmed from the of disappointing live-action adaptations within the anime genre. It was therefore a pleasant surprise when the Netflix series enjoyed significant success.

One of the standout elements was the show's compelling casting, with the actors receiving high praise for staying true to the source material. Among the talented , Taz Skylar, playing the role of Sanji, carved out a place for himself. Despite initial criticisms, he won over fans with some even favoring his portrayal over the anime version. Skylar credits this success to the negative feedback which fueled his drive to excel.

Taz Skylar Overcomes Negativity for his Role

Taz Skylar, a bilingual actor with a small history in film, faced serious backlash from fans upon his casting announcement. This backlash fueled him to push his boundaries and deliver an outstanding performance in a significant breakthrough role. Skylar disclosed at the Paris Fan Festival how he utilized the negative criticism as a to excel.

Upon encountering the brutality of the anime's fans, Skylar did not shy away. Instead, he decided to confront the challenge head-on with immense passion and diligence, gaining two black belts and a blue belt in martial arts. This display of resilience not only shut down the critics but broadened Skylar's recognition in the .

Taz Skylar Goes Beyond Martial Arts for One Piece

As Sanji, Skylar not only showcased his martial arts skills but also convincingly portrayed the character's culinary talents. Sanji, known for his kick-ass moves and exceptional cooking skills, requires a certain fineshto be authentically brought to on screen.

To do this justice, Skylar embarked on a journey of culinary training alongside his martial arts lessons. With practice over numerous lunches and the occasional promotional , Skylar quickly became proficient in his character's unique skillset.

It is worth noting that even Marc Jobst, One Piece's and , praised Skylar's dedication to his role. He highlighted how Skylar often arrived on set with bloodied hands from practicing, only to present everyone with impressive dishes.

Forward to the Second Season

The first season of the Netflix adaptation of One Piece met with success against heavy odds. However, the real triumph lies in the individual battles won by actors like Taz Skylar, who faced and conquered their share of challenges.

As fans eagerly await One Piece's return for a second season, the anticipation for what Skylar has in store for his portrayal of Sanji continues to build. This anticipation is fueled not just by his successful portrayal but also by his noticeable determination and resilience against adversity.

The success of Skylar and Netflix's live-action One Piece is a precious reminder of the potential for success against initial skepticism. It's a testament to the power of relentless endeavor and the tenacity to criticism into motivation.

You can stream One Piece on Netflix to witness Skylar's excellent portrayal of Sanji firsthand.

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