Entertainment NewsSylvester Stallone Weighs Family Factor for Georgia-Filmed 'Tulsa King’s Future

Sylvester Stallone Weighs Family Factor for Georgia-Filmed ‘Tulsa King’s Future


Key Takeaways:
– Season two of Tulsa King's future depends on Sylvester Stallone's family's support.
– Stallone compares the hardship of shooting a TV show with traditional .
– Stallone identifies with his character Dwight Manfredi, citing only their names as the difference.

Known for iconic roles in action flicks like “Rocky” and “Rambo,” A-lister Sylvester Stallone took a in the television world with the hit crime show, “Tulsa King.” The show's success resonates with fans, who are waiting anxiously for a season two confirmation. According to Stallone, the decision to proceed might hinge on one vital component—his family.


Family Above All For Stallone

Sylvester Stallone insists on prioritizing his family first. His dedication to his family, showcased in the Family Stallone, might influence the future of “Tulsa King.” In an with Variety, Stallone imparted the difficulty he faced while shooting a compared to . Hence, his motivating factor for the show's continuation seems to be family-oriented.

Stallone admitted the effort required for a television series surpassed his previous experiences. “I can't people have done this for four, five, or six seasons. It's brutal compared to filmmaking,” confessed Stallone. He whimsically suggested shooting at his Palm Beach home. Speaking of his family's involvement, Stallone disclosed, “If my wife comes along with the kids to the set to visit, then possibly…I'll do more seasons.”


Identifying with Dwight Manfredi

Furthermore, Stallone divulged surprising parallels between himself and his television character, Dwight Manfredi. “So much of Dwight is actually taken from the real guy,” explained Terence Winter, Tulsa King's executive producer. The “Rambo” star agreed, stating, “the only difference (between Stallone and Manfredi) is the name.”

The actor also candidly admitted he would have been a poor gangster in reality due to his innate sense of humor. Luckily for his fans, Stallone spends his time capturing hearts, not territories. His loyal fanbase remains hopeful for a second season of the popular crime drama.


Future of Tulsa King in Balance

Stallone hasn't explicitly committed to reprising his role as Manfredi for a second season. The decision relies heavily on his family's involvement. While the fanbase holds its breath for a potential season two, Stallone's recent insights draw attention to the unseen hardships of the television world compared to filmmaking. If family blessings and support come through, audiences could look forward to more of the action star's portrayal of Dwight Manfredi in Tulsa King.

In conclusion, the Hollywood star's personal and his deep connection with his character lend an unexpected layer of intrigue to the behind-the-scenes narrative. As fans eagerly await more of the hit crime series, the future of “Tulsa King” hangs in balance with the Stallone family playing an instrumental role in the decision-making process.

Fans can watch Tulsa King on Paramount+. Keep an eye out for updates on potential future seasons on Digital Chew.

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