Entertainment NewsSydney Sweeney Faces Heat for Alleged Film Partnership With Johnny Depp

Sydney Sweeney Faces Heat for Alleged Film Partnership With Johnny Depp


Despite facing a recent backlash for her role in “Madame Web”, Hollywood’s rising star Sydney Sweeney continues to secure major roles in the film industry. She has recently been linked with a film allegedly featuring Johnny Depp, stirring up a considerable amount of controversy.

Key Takeaways:
– Sydney Sweeney is rumored to have signed on for “Day Drinker,” a film reportedly featuring Johnny Depp.
– The actress is facing backlash due to the controversies surrounding Depp.
– Sweeney’s team has however refuted these rumors.
– Despite the backlash, Sweeney is stated to be “unfazed” according to a statement she shared with the Los Angeles Times.

Sydney Sweeney: From “Euphoria” to “Day Drinker”?

Hollywood insider, Jeff Sneider, through The InSneider, claims that Sydney Sweeney has chosen Depp as her next co-star in the film “Day Drinker.” This news comes just a few days after the release of her most recent supernatural thriller, “Immaculate.” However, much to everyone’s surprise, Sweeney, who is notable for her solid performances, is now at the center of an online backlash.

Sweeney’s spotless record in the thriller genre is not the concern here. The sudden eruption of controversy is linked to the cast addition rumors regarding Johnny Depp. Amidst these reports, Sydney Sweeney’s team has specifically denied such rumors.

The Johnny Depp Drama

Johnny Depp, the renowned “Edward Scissorhands” actor, has recently been cleared of charges alleged by ex-wife Amber Heard. However, his journey through controversy is far from over. Recently, Lola Glaudini, Depp’s co-star in the 2001 crime thriller “Blow”, made further accusations against him on the Powerful Truth Angels podcast.

Despite a statement from Depp’s representative that he always prioritizes good working relationships with cast and crew, his controversial past seems to be adversely affecting Sydney Sweeney’s career.

Facing Backlash due to the Depp Controversy

Following the rumor about Sweeney co-starring with Depp, the actress has been receiving significant backlash. Fans of Amber Heard and netizens who believe Glaudini’s accusations are now targeting Sydney Sweeney for her alleged decision to work with Depp.

Sweeney, best known for her character in “Madame Web”, is facing mixed reactions. While some fans have been celebrating the potential collaboration, a large fraction of her followers expressed their dissatisfaction through social media.

Sweeney’s Response to the Controversy

Despite the rumors and subsequent backlash, Sydney Sweeney continues to stand her ground. According to her statement shared with the Los Angeles Times, she remains “unfazed” by the backlash. Her team’s stance is clear and focuses on discrediting the rumors about her association with Depp in “Day Drinker.”


The entertainment industry, filled with unexpected turns and sudden news, continues to stir excitement and sometimes controversy among fans. Sydney Sweeney, with her undeniable talent and growing popularity, appears to be no stranger to this concept. Amidst rumors and backlash, the young star continues to rise, promising a vibrant, albeit somewhat turbulent, road ahead in Hollywood.

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