WTF Are People Watching on TV this Summer?

People are not watching TV this summer.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV and watching Ryan Gosling knocking on random people's doors, people are changing the channel and either binge-watching Netflix or getting some fresh air. According to a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, all of the new summer shows are experiencing horrible ratings and analysts worry that the ratings will continue to plunge.
It turns out Ryan Seacrest has about the same appeal as encyclopedia salesmen and evangelists in terms of whom Americans want to see show up at their doorstep. Fox's feel-good Knock Knock: Live, emceed and produced by TV's go-to host, joined summer's growing list of ratings losers when it debuted July 21 — leaving many to question the value in keeping so many soft performers on the air. "Every summer it seems like there's a new threshold," says media analyst Brad Adgate. "The floor is really low. There's a strategy now to run originals, not reruns, so networks are going to air the full orders whether something is a hit or not."
Season 3 of 'Rectify' only has 280,000 viewers, NBC's new series 'Welcome to Sweden' was already cancelled after only one episode, and The CW's 'Dates' currently has a .1 rating in the key demographic, which is terrible. What are you watching on TV this summer? Share with us your favorite shows in the comments below!

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