'Steve Jobs' Movie Bombs in the Box Office

'Steve Jobs' movie is a box office disaster as it bombs in the box office.

  • Steve Jobs movie just did horribly in the box office this weekend.

  • Despite great reviews, people are not that interested in Apple's Steve Jobs.

  • Steve Jobs movie did worse than Ashton Kutcher's Jobs.

Universal's Steve Jobs movie just bombed in the box office. According to ForbesSteve Jobs opened in 2,493 theaters this weekend and it appears the movie wasn't a break out hit like studio executives expected it to be. The Danny Boyle directed and Aaron Sorkin written Steve Jobs biopic only earned $2.431 million on its first Friday box office release. That is less than Ashton Kutcher's 2013 version of Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs, which made $2.6m on its first Friday wide release. That Ashton Kutcher version ended up with a $6.7m debut weekend and maxed out at just $16.5m domestic and $35m worldwide on a $12m budget. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs will probably open with around $7.1m for the weekend. If Steve Jobs movie cost $30 million to produce, it will be a long road for the Universal to win an Oscar this year. According to critics, the movie is amazing, but people are most likely sick of Steve Jobs over the past few years. Or, the fact that Michael Fassbender isn't a household name like Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio, two actors who were cast for the lead role but later quit, may have ruined the chances at a Box Office hit movie. Shutterstock Shutterstock Danny Boyle illustrates Steve Jobs as a highly motivated genius who struggled at times with personal relationships with other people. His refusal, for many years to even recognize his first-born daughter (Lisa) from a high school girlfriend Chrissan Brennan, who is played by Katherine Waterson in the movie, is a pivotal part of the movie’s storyline.

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