Entertainment NewsStephen King's ‘The Monkey’: Filming Ends with Star Cast Including Theo James

Stephen King’s ‘The Monkey’: Filming Ends with Star Cast Including Theo James


Key takeaways:

– The filming for 's adaptation ‘The Monkey' starring Theo James is completed.
– The 's scriptwriter is Osgood Perkins and the producers include .
– The cast of ‘The Monkey' includes Elijah Wood, Tatiana Maslany, Christian Convery, Colin O'Brien, Rohan Campbell, and Sarah Levy.
– ‘The Monkey' is a production of Atomic Monster and financed by C2 Motion Picture Group, and will be presented at the by Black Bear .

The filming of ‘The Monkey', a Stephen King adaptation, has wrapped up, confirms a report from Deadline. The movie, which stars Theo James, recognizable from The White Lotus, and assembled by James Wan and director Osgood Perkins, has been in making for nearly a year.

Casting Details and Film Synopsis

James will share the screen with other talented including Elijah Wood, Tatiana Maslany, Christian Convery, Colin O'Brien, Rohan Campbell, and Sarah Levy. James performs the character of twin brothers in their later years, while Convery brings them to life in their younger days.

The film draws inspiration from a King short story and centers on twin brothers, Hal and Bill, who come across their father's old monkey toy in the attic. This discovery marks the beginning of a horrifying chain of gruesome deaths. Attempting to rid themselves of the curse, they throw away the monkey and diverge in their life paths. The return of the killings, however, forces them to reunite and seek a solution to end the evil for good.

Production and Development

James Wan and Michael Clear of Atomic Monster led the film's production, supported by Jason Cloth and Dave Caplan of C2 Motion Picture Group. Executive producers include the likes of Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Fred Berger, Peter Luo, Nancy Xu, John Friedberg, and Chris Ferguson. The film's development was carried out by Atomic Monster and Stars Collective, whereas C2 Motion Picture Group provided the financing. Black Bear International will present the project to potential distributors at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

Wan, in his statement, said, “Stephen King is the godfather of the genre. His work hugely influenced me and it has always been a dream to bring one of his stories to life. ‘The Monkey', one of my personal favorites, has an iconic and easily marketable concept. I believe there isn't anyone better than a lifelong genre fan like Osgood to bring this to life.”


About Perkins and His Past Work

In addition to ‘The Monkey', Perkins has a rich repertoire of work including episodes of the recent revival of The Twilight Zone and working on screenplays for the thriller Removal, the thriller Cold Comes the Night, and horror film The Girl in the Photographs.

Anticipating ‘The Monkey'

Stephen King fans and horror genre enthusiasts are particularly excited about this new addition. With a solid storyline and an impressive cast, ‘The Monkey' is sure to make a strong impression. Let us know your opinions on this upcoming Stephen King adaptation and the ensemble cast led by Osgood Perkins and James Wan.



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