Stephen Amell Supports Family of Late 'Arrow' Crew Member with Fundraiser

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Stephen Amell, known for his role in The CW's superhero series "Arrow," has taken a heartfelt initiative to support the family of a late crew member, Dave McLean, who tragically died by suicide. The Vancouver-based genny operator, a member of the Lighting and Electrical department during the show's run from 2012-2020, was a friend and considered family by Amell.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stephen Amell amplifies a GoFundMe campaign for Dave McLean's family.
  • McLean, a crew member on "Arrow," died by suicide in October.
  • The fundraiser aims to support McLean's family during this challenging time.

A Tragic Loss

Dave McLean, who had just celebrated his 50th birthday, went missing from his British Columbia home in early October. His body was discovered later that month. McLean's death has deeply affected those who knew him, including Amell, who described losing McLean as losing a vibrant spirit and a part of their "Arrow" family.

A Community's Response

In response to this tragedy, Amell and the McLean family coordinated a GoFundMe campaign, launched just before Thanksgiving. The fundraiser has already raised close to CDN $30,000 of its CDN$50,000 goal. Amell took to social media to encourage donations, emphasizing the importance of discussing mental health and supporting those in need.

McLean's Legacy

Dave McLean's career spanned various projects, including "Lucifer," "Nancy Drew," "The A-Team," and "The Mighty Ducks" pilot, among others. His passing has highlighted the personal struggles faced by many in the entertainment industry, particularly during times of unemployment and industry strikes.

Industry Impact

The entertainment industry, especially in Vancouver, known as Hollywood North, has felt the impact of the recent strikes. The production community has faced significant challenges, with several individuals taking their own lives due to the stress of prolonged unemployment. This situation underscores the need for mental health support and resources in the industry.

Seeking Help

For those struggling with mental health issues, organizations like the Motion Picture & Television Fund, the Behind the Scenes Fund, and the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation offer confidential assistance. The entertainment community is encouraged to reach out for support during difficult times.


The loss of Dave McLean has brought to light the often-overlooked mental health struggles within the entertainment industry. Stephen Amell's efforts to support McLean's family through the fundraiser not only provide immediate assistance but also raise awareness about the importance of mental health and community support in times of crisis.