Entertainment NewsLost 'Star Wars' Draft Gets $13,000 at Auction

Lost ‘Star Wars’ Draft Gets $13,000 at Auction


Key Takeaways:

– A forgotten Star Wars draft left by Harrison Ford in his apartment in gets sold for a staggering $13,000.
– Fords' acting career took off from his role as Han Solo in the Star Wars series.
– The finding of the script came after Ford, known for his roles in , moved out of the apartment.
– Star Wars: A New Hope marked a key turning point in Ford's life.

The Star Wars series has played a significant role in shaping , more so, boosting the career of lead actor Harrison Ford. Undoubtedly, the space opera is one of the biggest franchises, with an unwavering global popularity. A mere script draft from the Star Wars: A New Hope, forgotten by Ford in his London apartment, recently fetched approximately $13,000 at auction and added a new story to Star Wars' lasting legacy.

Humble Beginnings and Unexpected Findings

Before the limelight, Ford was battling life as a struggling actor. His to fame began at a rented apartment on Elgin Crescent in London, where the shooting of this iconic took place. At that time, he was unknown, living on the top floor, while an elderly couple occupied the lower floors. Mark Hamill and , who played Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, often visited this apartment. Unbeknownst to the landlords, Lucasfilms covered Ford's rent.

Years later, after Ford's move, the landlords stumbled upon a draft copy of Episode 4. The script was initially titled The Adventures Of Luke Starkiller, first introducing Han Solo on page 56.

The Script with Ford's “DNA”

The draft script was incomplete yet held significant value as it also featured the sidekick Chewbacca. With color-coded pages hinting at multiple revisions, the script truly represented a work in progress. Hosted by Excalibur Auction, the draft script fetched nearly $13,000. Sarah Torode, a co-owner at Excalibur Auction, hinted at the personal value of the script saying, “It's got his [Ford's] DNA on it. It might even have his sweat on it”.

Star Wars: A New Hope – Turning Point in Ford's Career

Star Wars: A New Hope not only was a massive success but also served as a career-defining role for Ford. His performance as Han Solo marked the beginning of a successful acting journey, establishing him as a leading actor in Hollywood.

Ford's Journey to Becoming Han Solo

Based on his experiences, Ford's journey to fame wasn't smooth but rather filled with struggles. Even with a passion for acting, which Ford discovered during his classes at Ripon College, he had a tough time making both ends meet. Ford had to resort to a self-taught skill, carpentry, to sustain himself before his big break. His crafty skill was not in vain; it led him to meet , a catalytic moment in his career.

Although Ford had previously worked with Lucas in American Graffiti, Lucas initially didn't want to reuse . However, fate intervened, and a simple favor of reading lines with other candidates led Ford to his iconic role as Han Solo.

Ford's last appearance as Han Solo was in Star Wars: A Force Awakens. Despite his character being off, and with no plans of returning to the franchise, Ford's inspiring journey and efforts leave a mark in the Star Wars Universe and beyond.

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