Seth Rogen Thinks Movie Ratings are "Stupid"

Seth Rogen considers movie ratings system 'stupid' and 'weird'.

Recently, at the Produced By conference, Seth Rogen spoke about the movie ratings system. He argued that, "There’s nothing more frustrating than being on set and coming up with a joke and being told you can’t do it because it’s a PG movie." I guess Seth Rogen won't be making a PG rated movie any time soon. Rogen and Evan Goldberg said that it was extremely difficult and frustrating to make Green Hornet as a movie. "We learned not to make $200 million movies,” said Rogen. “It’s not fun." Goldberg said that the Green Hornet was their reason to stick with R-rated movies. They argued that R-rated movies allow them to play out their often raunchy humor however they wanted. “Once it’s R-rated you can pretty much do anything you want except penetration,” said Rogen adding with a smile: “Once it’s R-rated you’re pretty much left alone contract wise.” Seth Rogen pointed out that the ratings system isn't the only thing that limited Rogen and Goldberg. It took them years to get the Neighbors movies made, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rogen said that he was so frustrated with notes and changes, they decided to cut the budget of the production in order to make the movie they wanted to make. "At least we didn't make a movie we hate and had to work on for a year and a half." Goldberg said they are currently in discussion in doing a sequel to Neighbors but, don't get too excited. The two producers argue that sequles "crummy" and they will most likely pass on the production. Seth Rogen even pointed out how he was able to start his career in Hollywood. It all started by hanging out with producer, writer Judd Apataow's office. Without getting paid he was able to become an associate producer on The 40 Year Old Virgin. After the success of that production he was able to sell Super Bad to Sony. “It was our first experience and we had a lot of control,” recalled Rogen. Adding with a laugh: “We just thought that’s how movies were. They give you $20 million and that’s how it was … We didn’t realize Judd gave us this protective bubble.” Expect more movies to come in the future from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

They are developing a movie called Jazz Cops, which is about police in the 1950s who try to infiltrate the jazz music scene. Rogen said it is about the first white cop who works with a black cop, and Rogen is attached to star with Kevin Hart.

They are also in production on their first animated movie, Sausage Party, which they said is tedious and challenging, and only bearable because they love what they are creating.

Rogen said it is not true that they get stoned on marijuana and then think up movie ideas – except in the case of Sausage Party. He said that began during a session with Jonah Hill, as a joke. They thought about what a movie with that title would be like, and eventually it came to be real. [via>

Seth Rogen was recently under fire after, Washington Post writer claimed the type of movies Seth Rogen produced helped spur Elliot Rodger's killing spree. Rogen later dismissed those accusations and author.

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