Russia Considering Banning 'The Interview'

Sony Pictures' The Interview' is currently being discussed by Russian government officials and the possibly banning the movie from hitting theaters.

The Sony Pictures' assassination thriller, The Interview is now making news in Russia. According to reports, a Russian cultural offical spoke out against the release of The Interview in Russia, while North Korea's embassy in Moscow issued a statement calling for all Russians to boycott the feature film. Reports also suggest that the decision about a release of the film in Russia will come in 2015. However, the movie is currently available on Russian torrent websites. Read more: Amy Adams on Canceled ‘Today’ Interview: I Was “Confused” From The Hollywood Reporter:
"We need to keep in mind that we have certain historic relations with [North Korea>,"Mikhail Shvydkoy, President Vladimir Putin's special envoy for international cultural cooperation, was quoted as saying by news agency Interfax. "And, what is most important, we don't have a tradition of insulting another country's president." North Korea's embassy in Moscow also issued a statement. "The film The Interview, produced by the U.S. studio Sony Pictures, is a very dangerous film product that justifies and promotes terrorism. This film is also filled with anti-propaganda of low and evil tools for assaulting the head of a merited sovereign state," said the statement quoted by Interfax.
If you live in Russia, you can watch The Interview on several Russian torrent websites. Meanwhile, legitimate Russian online video services are extremely interested in offering the movie to their audiences, but Sony Pictures have not come to agreement. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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