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Robin Williams was not considered for a part in Harry Potter due to a British-only casting rule


Key Takeaways:

– Robin Williams was not considered for a part in Harry Potter due to a British-only casting rule.
– The no-American actors rule was put in place by J.K. Rowling to maintain the franchise’s authenticity.
– Despite the rule, American actor Verne Troyer secured a role, with British actor Warwick Davis later dubbing and taking over.

In a fascinating revelation, Hollywood legend, Robin Williams, missed out on joining the dreamy world of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter franchise due to his nationality. The actor was turned down for the role of Remus Lupin in the magical series, not due to lack of acting prowess but because he wasn’t British.


An Iconic Role Missed By a Whisker

Known for his versatility and the capacity to fit into an array of phenomenal characters, Williams demonstrated his broad acting talent in the film industry. It’s a widely held belief that Robin, loved universally in the sector, could have landed any role he wished to portray. But the Harry Potter series proved this assumption wrong.

Chris Columbus, director of the first two Harry Potter films, clarified the reason behind not casting the ‘Good Will Hunting’ mastermind as Remus Lupin, in a conversation with Total Film (via GamesRadar). Columbus stated, “That was the goal. No American actors in this film. I had a conversation with Robin Williams, who wanted to play Lupin. It was very difficult for me to say, ‘It’s all British. There’s nothing I can do.'”

Despite Williams’ palpable eagerness to take on the role, he wasn’t considered, leading the audience to speculate the chain of ‘what if’ scenarios. With his illustrious theatrical expertise and English-speaking background, Williams could have easily replicated a British accent.


The Britain-Exclusive Casting Rule

J.K. Rowling, esteemed author of the Harry Potter series, wanted to keep the casting authentic to its British roots, meaning no American actors were allowed. While some argue the rule was a tad bit restrictive, the idea behind preserving the franchise’s originality is understandably appreciable.

Janet Hirshenson, the casting director, provided additional insight into the “British-only edict,” stating to HuffPost, “Robin [Williams] had called [Chris Columbus] because he really wanted to be in the movie, but it was a British-only edict, and once he said no to Robin, he wasn’t going to say yes to anybody else, that’s for sure. It couldn’t be.”

However, there was one break in the all-British wall—American actor Verne Troyer. Troyer, although American, was able to land the role of goblin Griphook in the original Harry Potter film. To maintain the British voice-overs, Warwick Davis dubbed over Troyer’s dialogue. This move ensured the British authenticity was retained, and Davis eventually took over the role in future films.


Reflections from Robin Williams

In a conversation with The Independent, Williams conveyed his keenness for the magic world, “There were a couple of parts I would have wanted to play, but there was a ban on [using] American actors. Maybe one day. Say if [Harry] goes to Yale and becomes president.”

Unfortunately for Williams and the millions of fans who admired his work, this day never came. Nevertheless, his unmatched aura in Hollywood and the magic he spread across different genres and characters left an indelible mark on global cinema. Regardless of his absence in the Harry Potter series, people will always remember how Robin Williams brought magic to life on the screen.

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