21 Reality Stars Have Committed Suicide in the Past 10 Years

How come so many reality stars are committing suicide?

Reality television is everywhere. Whether it's the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Jersey Shore, millions of people tune in every week to see what their favorite reality stars are up to. But, according to a new scathing report, a large percentage of reality stars are committing suicide. In fact, in the past 10 years over 21 reality stars have killed them. One reality show personality is infamously known for allegedly causing people to commit suicide. Gordon Ramsay has built an empire by producing cooking-based reality shows where he's known for belitting people appearing on the show. But it may be that Ramsay's behavior has deeper consequences than just entertaining people. At least three people who were publicly humiliated on TV have gone on to commit suicide.

In 2007, Gordon Ramsay ripped apart struggling New Jersey chef Joseph Cerniglia on “Kitchen Nightmares,” screaming: “Your business is about to f?-?-?king swim down the Hudson.”

Three years later, Cerniglia jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

Unfortunately, Cerniglia was not alone three contestants on The Bachelor have committed suicide as well. In fact, just two weeks ago The Bachelor season 14 contestant Alexa "Lex" McCallister, 31, became the latest fatality when she overdosed on prescription pills. Gia Allemand, from the same season, hanged herself in 2013. In 2010, 35-year old Bachelorette contestant shot himself in the head. But, it begs the question, are reality shows causing people to commit suicide or people cast to appear on reality shows already susceptible to depression? According to reports, reality TV adds additional pressures to strained relationships and financial situations.

Even peripheral players like Russell Armstrong, husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong, aren’t immune. He hanged himself in 2011 after his financial woes and marital problems were aired on Bravo. Prior to his death, he told RumorFix of the pressures of being on television.

“[It> was pretty overwhelming,” he said. “It took our manageable problems and made them worse.”

Jesse Csincsak, the fourth-season winner of “The Bachelorette,” tells The Post that the pressures and struggles that come with appearing on reality television can drive some people over the edge.

So how do casting directors choose who should appear on the show. Well, it's a long and difficult process filled with STD exams and psychological testing. One reality show contestant discussed some of the psychological questions asked before getting cast on the show.

Csincsak’s psych evaluation included 1,200 multiple-choice questions, such as “Do you feel sad?” and “Do you ever think about killing your mother?”

But, one reality show contestant says the psychological exam "were less about deducing stability and more about gathering ammo for later." You can read the full and amazing report here. The story goes on into detail about reality personalities who suffered nervous breakdowns behind the scenes and the desire to engage in self-harm.

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