5 New Features Coming Soon to 'Pokémon Go'

Here's every new feature coming soon to Pokémon Go.

The final day of San Diego Comic-Con has officially come to an end. But, the organizers of Comic-Con wanted to end the convention on a high note. The extremely popular Pokemon GO had 6.500 fans welcome John Hanke, founder of Niantic Labs and developer of the app, as he discussed the viral popularity of the game. Hanke went on to say that, in the upcoming months, new updates and features will be rolled out to include more creatures and features. Hanke revealed:

1. Niantic will be enhancing the functions of PokéStops, adding the ability to turn them into Pokémon Centers where you can heal your Pokemon. 2. Identities of the three virtual team leaders: Spark for Team Instinct, Blanche for Team Mystic and Candela for Team Valor. Each team has a Legendary Bird Pokémon associated with it which will play into what birds players can catch. 3. Niantic is also aware of glitches and is working to keep the servers up and reliable for the new features as well as fixing the Pokémon radar system 4. Another big update is that players haven’t found everything and there are plenty more “easter eggs” and hints to be discovered — one that has been discovered so far is that naming your Eevee “Pyro,” “Rainer” or “Sparky” will influence whether it evolves into Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon respectively. 5. Rare Pokémon are coming, so it looks like some avid players may have to continue with their quest to catch ‘em all because there are 151 Pokémon.

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