Entertainment NewsOverlook Film Festival Declares 2024 Horror Film Winners

Overlook Film Festival Declares 2024 Horror Film Winners


Key Takeaways:

– The 2024 Overlook Film Festival named Oddity for the Feature Film Audience Award and “Some Day All This Will Be Yours” as the Grand Jury Prize for .
– Director Mike Flanagan was honored with the Master of Horror Award.
– The festival witnessed record-breaking attendance with about 6000 .
– The short film “The Looming” grabbed the Audience Award, with “Dream Creep” being named Scariest Short.

The annual Overlook Film Festival, held from April 4-7 in , Louisiana, has revealed 2024's biggest winners in horror cinema, with Damian Mc Carthy's Oddity and Cricket Arrison's “Some Day All This Will Be Yours” taking significant honors.

Over 90 filmmakers attended the eighth installment of this respected horror festival, witnessing 36 sold-out screenings. A crowd of approximately six thousand, the festival's highest to date, were in attendance.

Major Winners Garner Audience Appreciation

The festival's feature film Audience Award went to “Oddity,” a gripping tale of a blind medium desperate to learn the truth about her sister's fate. Festival attendees vote for this award, shedding light on its popularity amongst viewers. On the other hand, the Grand Jury Prize for Short Film was bagged by “Some Day All This Will Be Yours.” The jury praised the film as an original and courageous exploration of the relationship between horror and gender.

Renowned Horror Director Honored

The highlight of the festival was the 10th anniversary of “Oculus,” the 2013 breakout film from horror aficionado Mike Flanagan. Flanagan also received the much-coveted festival's Master of Horror Award. This accomplishment follows in the footsteps of previous recipients such as Roger Corman, Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, and Joe Dante.

Additional Winning Entries: Short

The short film Audience Award winner was Masha Ko's “The Looming,” a poignant piece about aging and . -up in that category was Brea Grant's “MLM.” “Dream Creep”, directed by Carlos A.F. Lopez, won the Scariest Short award, with the jury labeling it as an immediate attention-grabber with a staggering premise about the terrifying aspect of intimacy.

Unique Premiers and Screenings

The festival also highlighted the world of “Abigail,” the new film from the collective Silence, which closed the festival. The opening night screening was reserved for Tilman 's “Cuckoo,” another exciting addition to the line-up.

Behind the Jury

The 2024 Overlook Film Festival short film jury included film journalist Carlos Aguilar, NEON's Sara Cushman, and birth/rebirth director Laura Moss. Their combined expertise further enhanced the prestige of the awards given at the festival.

Reviewing the festival's success, Flanagan expressed his delight and hailed the atmosphere brimming with spirit. He eagerly anticipates his return, marking the festival as a highlight of his career.

With its continued success and the celebrated participation of renowned personalities, the Overlook Film Festival continues to be a favored platform for horror film enthusiasts and filmmakers alike.

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