Nip/Tuck in Real Life: Teen Murders, Sexual Assaults Mom to 'Lose Virginity'

Hollywood has always had a fascination with death, murder, and sick-twisted storylines.

Ryan Murphy the creator of Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story is currently working on a TV series that will focus on the O.J. Simpson trial. If that season fails, he will always have the opportunity to use Kevin Davis' story. In a story that sounds more like a scene from Nip/Tuck, a teen kills his mother and then has sex with her corpse in order to 'lose virginity'. 18-year-old Kevin Davis killed his mother, had sex with her corpse and then left his home. He also planned to kill his sister but told police that "I had my fill of killing. It seemed a little much." The Corpus Christi Caller recently reported that Davis of Corpus Christi, Texas killed his mother on March 26th. According to reports, he had tried to strangle her, but when this method didn't work, he got a hammer and beat her to death. According to detectives, after killing his mother he began living out his fantasies, violent and sexual thoughts he had about women, including his mother and sister. Davis was previously diagnosed with personality disorder by a doctor and while the doctor did state that Davis knew the difference between right and wrong, his expressions in court suggests that he could have cared less. It looks as though no one in his family would have expected him to do something like this and, according to Davis' sister, his mother had supported him. This is what happened when davis was on trial:

"You took the only person who had your back," Desirae Hill said to him. "Now you are all alone."

Davis sat stoic as his grandfather spoke through tears to him.

"I don't know quite what to say to you," Clyde Hill said. "You killed your mother. You just don't do that."

Davis smiled, popped his knuckles and stretched throughout the trial. He waved at witnesses when they were asked to identify him.

Davis even described his motives as well his fantasies:

Asked what happened next, Davis said: "I had sexual intercourse. Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse."

He described his perfect fantasy as dressing in a suit, decapitating a girl and putting her in a dress before having sex with her corpse.

"It would be a night to remember," Davis said.

Asked why he killed his mother, Davis said he was bored with life and didn't like people.

Davis was sent to life in prison which is probably for the better because he told police officers that he would consider murdering again, if he were allowed the opportunity.

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