Entertainment NewsNicole Kidman's Daughter Inspires Season 3 of "Big Little Lies"

Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Inspires Season 3 of “Big Little Lies”


Key Takeaways:

– Nicole Kidman credits her daughter, Sunday Rose, for pushing her to commit to Big Little Lies’ third season.
– The critically acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies is in the works for a new season after a lengthy hiatus.
– Despite intense physical scenes, Nicole Kidman insisted on performing without a body double, leading to personal challenges and conflicts.

Work Begins on Big Little Lies Season 3: Kidman Thanks Daughter

Award-winning actor Nicole Kidman has confirmed that the work on the third season of Big Little Lies, the popular HBO miniseries, has begun, giving fans reason to celebrate. Kidman, who won an Emmy for her impactful role as Celeste Wright, stated that the inspiration to return for season three came from an unexpected source: her daughter, Sunday Rose.

Pushed to Return by Family

Following the tremendous success of the first two seasons, fans were hankering for more. They got their wish when Kidman shared, during a late 2023 interview, that the new season was in the making. However, she revealed the real driving force behind her return wasn’t just fan demand, but her own daughter’s passion for the series.

In talks with Variety, Kidman disclosed how she and co-star Reese Witherspoon frequently discussed the third season. However, it was Sunday Rose who convinced her to get on board. “My daughter is the one who watched both of the series and went, ‘Okay, there’s just no question, there has to be a third,’” Kidman shared.

Nicole Kidman Battles Personal Challenges for Role

Despite the fondness her daughter developed for the series, Kidman faced her own battles while filming Big Little Lies. The HBO drama is renowned for its raw and intense portrayal of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, particularly between her character, Celeste Wright, and Perry, played by Alexander Skarsgård.

Kidman’s dedication to her craft led her to refuse a body double, even during the most challenging scenes. Skarsgård admiringly recognized this commitment during an interview on KISS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show. “Nicole wanted to do it herself,” he stated, adding that the violent scenes were both physically and psychologically demanding.

Balancing Profession with Personal Life

Despite her unflinching commitment, Kidman admitted having trouble explaining her on-set bruises to her daughters, leading to a conflict between her professional passion and personal relationships. Despite this, she feels grateful that her character’s portrayal resonated deeply with other women, adding a poignant layer to her performance in Big Little Lies.

Launch Date Yet Unknown

While fans are excited for the return of Big Little Lies, the schedule for the new seasons has not been confirmed yet. The series, which gained immense popularity and critical acclaim, took a break after its second season in 2019 due to the unfortunate demise of director Jean-Marc Vallée in 2021. However, with the news of work resuming on the third season, fans are eager to see what lies ahead for their beloved characters.

Until then, fans can relive the drama and intense storytelling of Big Little Lies on selected platforms including Max. For many, the wait for the new season will be just as thrilling as the series itself, particularly with the promise of Nicole Kidman’s stirring performance.

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