Entertainment NewsNicki Minaj Invites Sexyy Red for 'FTCU' Remix Collaboration

Nicki Minaj Invites Sexyy Red for ‘FTCU’ Remix Collaboration


Key Takeaways:

– Nicki invites Sexyy Red for a second collaboration on the ‘FTCU' remix via social media.
– Minaj casually suggests creating a featuring a playdate between their .
– Sexyy Red enthusiastically accepts the invite with a selfie featuring her kids.

Renowned rap superstar reached out to Sexyy Red in conversation that took the internet by storm this week. After an exchange on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Minaj proposed a collaboration on her remix of the ‘FTCU'.

Two Powerhouse's Possible Collaboration

On Thursday, April 4, Minaj reached out to Red, teasing her about her verse for the upcoming ‘FTCU' remix. She freely expressed her readiness to with Red again following the success of their previous pairing on ‘Pound Town 2.' The banter between the two rappers, filled with playful emojis and rapper lingo, attracted considerable attention from their fans.

Following the conversation, Red responded affirmatively, hinting at the possibility of an accompanying . In a playful twist, Minaj recommended that the video could be a casual footage of a playdate between their kids. Red seemed positively amused by the idea and affirmed her readiness with a tweet featuring a selfie with her son and infant daughter.

The Prospects of a Second Musical Union

Considering Minaj's packed schedule with the ongoing ‘Pink 2' tour, this potential feature holds promise. The tour, which began in March and will end in mid-May, has been a massive hit amongst fans worldwide. Despite this hustle, Minaj seemed eager to dive back into the studio, indicating her dedication to delivering fresh content to her fans.

Their previous collaboration on the ‘Pound Town 2' with Tay Keith was highly acclaimed, ranking No.14 on Hot Rap Songs and No. 21 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs per . Hence, the possibility of a second partnership sparks considerable anticipation.

Additionally, the ‘FTCU' remix is set to feature other superstar artists, contributing to the build-up of suspense and excitement. Minaj maintained the undisclosed nature of the guest appearances, leaving fans eagerly waiting for more details.

Social Media Stir with Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red's musical stature has surged recently, making her an interesting choice for Minaj's remix. She has been a trending topic across several platforms, due both to confrontations with fellow artists like Joe Budden and the viral success of her song ‘Get It Sexyy'. Amidst all the recent , Red remains dedicated to her craft, signaling the potential for a high-energy performance on the ‘FTCU' remix.

In conclusion, this exchange between Nicki Minaj and Sexyy Red fuels anticipation for a second collaboration between the two powerhouse artists. The playful rapport and existing mutual respect between these chart-topping rappers have set the stage for what might be another outstanding musical union. Fans eagerly await updates on this exciting proposition. Until then, we can only keep our ears tuned for the ‘FTCU' remix.

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