Entertainment NewsNeil Gaiman Ventures into Animated Adaptation with 'Cinnamon'

Neil Gaiman Ventures into Animated Adaptation with ‘Cinnamon’


Key Takeaways:
– Renowned writer collaborates with Graphic for an animated adaptation of the short story, ‘Cinnamon.'
– Sharad Devarajan, Sarena Khan, and Sujatha SV to adapt the screenplay.
– Acclaimed animator Jeevan J. Kang to direct the animated adaptation.
– Gaiman and Devarajan comment on the excitement of the and its connection to Indian and mythology.

Esteemed writer Neil Gaiman, known for successful TV adaptations like , The Sandman, Good Omens, and Dead Boy Detectives, has now embarked on his next venture. In collaboration with Graphic India, Gaiman will create an animated adaptation of his short story, ‘Cinnamon.' The project will further add to Gaiman's impressive oeuvre of adapted works.

Adapting Gaiman's Story in Animation

A leading figure in Indian animation, Sharad Devarajan, famed for his work on The Legend of Hanuman and Baahubali: The Lost Legends, is set to adapt the screenplay. Other individuals on the screenplay adaptation team include Sarena Khan and Sujatha SV. The talented Indian animator Jeevan J. Kang also joins the project's team, stepping in as the of this anticipated adaptation.

The Story of ‘Cinnamon'

The project's intriguing synopsis reveals an immersive world of magical realism and ancient Indian wisdom. ‘Cinnamon' is about a girl born with unique pearl eyes that render her oblivious to the physical world. Her changes dramatically when she encounters a mysterious talking tiger that offers to guide her through the wild. The brave young girl embarks on an adventurous journey filled with trials and tests that will ultimately shape her destiny.

Gaiman Expresses Enthusiasm for New Project

In his recent statement, Gaiman expressed his excitement about the collaboration. Praising Devarajan's storytelling skills and deep understanding of Indian culture, Gaiman believes this partnership is a perfect fit to bring the story to life. Gaiman is forward to sharing his enchanting tale of magic, wonder, and human resilience with animation lovers worldwide.

Devarajan Honored to Work with Gaiman

In addition to Gaiman's statements, Devarajan also voiced his honor to bring Gaiman's enticing story to screens around the world. Devarajan mentioned the story's inspiration from Indian fables and the significant theme of dharma amidst a young princess's journey of courage and -. He added that the story illuminates the eternal human struggle between light and darkness, exploring the universal human experience.

Expectations Running High

With such adept minds working on this project, the expectations are already high. The forthcoming animated adaptation promises to be a beautifully crafted amalgamation of adventure, ancient wisdom, and mystical narratives. Audiences around the globe eagerly anticipate the tale of ‘Cinnamon,' waiting to see how the writer known for creating spellbinding worlds weaves together elements of Indian mythology and universal human experiences into an animated masterpiece.

The creative venture between Gaiman and Graphic India signifies a promising development in animated storytelling. This collaboration is a testament to the prowess and potential of Indian animation talent and their ability to interpret and represent compelling narratives with a global appeal. The world awaits this fresh presentation of fantasy, adventure, and ancient wisdom that is bound to captivate audiences far and wide.



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