Movie Theater Shootings: Are Metal Detectors Coming Soon?

Are we going to start seeing metal detectors at movie theaters in the future?

Movie theaters are struggling to figure out how to increase security while also giving moviegoers a good time at their local movie theaters following the deadly attacks at movie theaters in Lafayette, Louisiana and Nashville, Tennessee. If theaters are unable to address the safety issues or wait for the government to act, they could face massive backlash that could rock the film industry. Recently, Regal Entertainment announced that they will begin searching people's bags at movie theaters in order to increase security. However, security experts are uncertain that searching a moviegoer's bag will actually prevent a terrorist attack or suicidal madman. In fact, many moviegoers argue that Regal Entertainment is actually trying to stop people from sneaking food into theaters. But, is this the first step? Will we soon see metal detectors at the movies?
"A metal detector would be like eye candy. It would look good ... but it's not by any means going to stop anything," said Howard Levinson, president of Expert Security Consulting in Massachusetts. Levinson, who consults on theater security and worked on the recent Colorado theater shooting trial, said metal detectors are costly for theaters and require more manpower than they are worth. To increase theater safety, Levinson recommends outfitting theater exits with alarms and increasing emergency training for theater employees. DeLuca said he recommends armed security instead of bag checks and metal detectors, which cost $5,000 per unit. [Chicago Tribune>
At the end of the day there is little we can do to stop a movie theater shooting.

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