Entertainment News"Monkey Man": Jordan Peele Boosts Dev Patel's Directorial Debut

“Monkey Man”: Jordan Peele Boosts Dev Patel’s Directorial Debut


Key Takeaways:
– Renowned makes his directorial debut with “,” featuring as a legendary Hanuman icon.
– Despite initial doubts, the was given the green light thanks to comedian-turned-director Jordan Peele's support.
– The movie went through the hands of Netflix before eventually snatched it up for a cool $10 million.

Dev Patel Directs Highly Anticipated “Monkey Man”

It's a season filled with unexpected treats, one being the directorial debut of acclaimed actor, Dev Patel, with the movie “Monkey Man.” Initially intended to be a Netflix exclusive, the movie barely missed being discarded entirely.

During “Monkey Man's” Los Angeles last month following its first appearance at SXSW, Patel expressed his gratitude to Jordan Peele. The actor turned director played a significant role in materializing the film by identifying its potential and strength.

Jordan Peele's Trojan Horse Strategy

Peele, known for his successful trojan horse approach in films such as “Get Out,” creates opportunities for minorities in genre films. He hopes to achieve similar success with “Monkey Man.” The film is referred to as “John Wick in Mumbai” and is expected to resonate with societal issues.

In Patel's words, Peele saw him as a filmmaker, appreciated the film's intriguing motifs, and understood its potential to broach societal issues. This visionary approach from Peele breathed life into “Monkey Man,” propelling it from a forgotten concept to a topic of great anticipation.

Universal Grants Theatrical Release to “Monkey Man”

Netflix's retreat opened the doors for Universal, which happily picked up “Monkey Man” for an impressive $10 million, and gave it the theatrical release that it rightly deserved, as per buzz in the .

Patel offers an enthralling peek into the movie, stating it draws inspiration from the folklore of Hanuman. Patel plays Kid, an underdog fighter who survives in a ruthless and exploitative fight club, which leads to an inevitable outburst of suppressed anger and results in an unusual heroic tale.

“Monkey Man”: A Surefire Box-Office Hit?

Is Dev Patel's “Monkey Man” on your watch-list this weekend? With the strong response the film has already received, it could well be worth your time. Explore this intriguing thriller that blends the rawness of the streets with the flair of Mumbai and the enduring strength of the legendary Hanuman.

Dev Patel firmly stands by the contribution of Jordan Peele in breaking the confines that initially held “Monkey Man” .

In conclusion, Patel's directorial debut, “Monkey Man,” is not only an exciting addition to this season's movie lot but also a testament to the of belief and seeing potential where others might not. Jordan Peele's support ultimately helped unleash a film that touches upon significant societal issues while offering an engaging narrative, thus making it one to look out for.

Are you ready to embark on this adventurous journey with Dev Patel's Kid and Jordan Peele's well-placed faith? Keep your eyes peeled because “Monkey Man” is all set to make waves in theaters!

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