How a Regular Guy Quit His 9 to 5 to Become a Fashion Model Icon

Model Jeroen Teerlinck quit his high paying job selling advertising to become one of the most popular models in the fashion industry.

No matter how beautiful a model may be, a long career in the modeling industry is never a guarantee. But, for many, the dream of becoming a model outweighs the typical 9 to 5 most Americans face on a day to day basis. In a recent interview with model Jeroen Teerlinck with, illustrates just that. Jeroen quit his high paying job as an advertising sales agency to work as a professional working model with major fashion labels such as Tom Ford and Gucci. Jeroen argues that even though selling advertising he was good at his job, he points out that the job wasn't making him happy. So, he quit his job and tried modeling. His first interview was for Prada and despite all the other talented and good looking men in the casting office, he landed the job.   From
“All the other guys who were sitting there at the casting were new faces just picked up from the street—I was so nervous,” Teerlinck admits. “I walked for Olivier, and he looks at me and says, ‘You’ve done shows before, haven’t you?’ I thought that was it and that I would have to just go home, but he told me that I looked great and he liked my walk. A few days later I got the call, and I was confirmed for the show.”
This would boost his career. Jeroen would model for Diesel, Tom Ford, Vogue Hommes International, and Theory. He would become one of the most recognized modedls during New York Fashion Week.  “Everything that is happening right now is incredible, from my work, my personal life, being able to travel again. I’ve been writing it all down—maybe one day I’ll have enough for an autobiography!” Image Credit: Tumblr