Entertainment NewsMillie Bobby Brown Praises Co-Star Chris Pratt Despite Past Controversies

Millie Bobby Brown Praises Co-Star Chris Pratt Despite Past Controversies


Key Takeaways:

– Millie Bobby Brown highly commends during their work on the Georgia-Filmed Netflix film ‘The Electric State. (W/T: Stormwind)'
– Brown denies any signs of discrimination on the set and celebrates Pratt's support toward her.
– Chris Pratt's past controversies fail to taint his professional rapport with young actress Brown.
– Millie Bobby Brown continues to rise and establish her position in the film despite her young age.

Millie Bobby Brown Appreciates Experience with Chris Pratt

Known for her versatility and talent, British actress Millie Bobby Brown has already made an impressive mark in the industry. She recently added another notable experience to her journey, working with actor Chris Pratt in the upcoming Netflix film ‘The Electric State.' Despite Pratt's of controversies, Brown only had words of appreciation for the ‘Passengers' star.

On-set Equality Promoted

Notorious for inequality, the world of cinema often sees unwarranted discrimination based on star status. Overturning the stereotype, Brown and Pratt shared an equal treatment throughout the production. In a conversation with Glamour magazine, Brown lauded her co-star for promoting a congenial work environment.

“He's a great man, and also a great actor and a great costar. It's rare to work with men who support and understand you and let you shine,” she expressed. Her admiration for Pratt becomes a refreshing take amidst his past controversies.

Chris Pratt's Controversial Timeline

The journey to fame can seem treacherous, as Pratt can vouch for. From being a beloved, goofy artist, Pratt soon found himself at the center of multiple controversies. An incident that dated back to 2011 was where he announced his decision to give up his old pet cat for adoption. However, it was his alleged association with the infamous anti-LGBTQ+ Hillsong Church in 2019 that drew significant attention. The speculations escalated to the point where Elliot Page called Pratt out publicly on .

Although he denied his connection with Hillsong and clarified attending a different congregation, yet another followed. The actor faced severe backlash for his supposed connotation comparing his divorced experience to the plight of the LGBTQ+ community.

Another major surfaced when Pratt subtly disrespected his ex-wife, Anna Faris, in a tribute post thanking his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, for birthing their “gorgeous, healthy daughter.” This didn't sit well with the public since Faris had given birth to their son Jack, prematurely. Despite his explanations, critics were unsatisfied, continuing to spotlight Pratt's controversial standing.

Continued Success Amid Controversies

Pratt's rocky journey doesn't seem to hamper his career growth in Hollywood. Navigating through the sea of controversies, the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy' actor is maintaining his position in the industry. Millie Bobby Brown's recent praises for Pratt indicate his professional persona remains unaffected by his controversy-laden personal life.

Bright Future for Brown

Millie Bobby Brown, a rising star, continues to find promising in her career. From her debut in ‘' to working with renowned on major projects, the young actress is a breath of fresh air in the industry. Her collaboration with Chris Pratt in the anticipated ‘Electric State' reflects her ability to separate personal biases from professional relationships. It also reaffirms her knack for picking challenging and exciting projects as she grows as an artist.

In an industry where the need for equality and fairness is very much a hot topic, such positive experiences as shared by Brown are undoubtedly refreshing. This story, although simple, highlights factors that can make or break an experience, emphasizing the importance of a positive working environment. Brown's comments also serve as a reminder that everyone, regardless of their status, should be recognized and respected for their professional contributions.

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