Mickey Rourke Complains Marvel Cut Out His Scenes from 'Iron Man 2'

Mickey Rourke is not interested in working on another Marvel Film

Actor Mickey Rourke was so disappointed at the end of 'Iron Man 2' that he will never do another Marvel feature film. Critically acclaimed actor, Mickey Rourke spent months researching and preparing for the role of Ivan Vanko in 'Iron Man 2'. In the 2010 sequel, Rourke said he spent the time trying to develop a more rounded character. But, was extremely upset when the scenes he filmed ended up on the cutting room floor. In an interview he revealed that he is not too happy with Marvel studios.  "I'm not a Marvel fan... I did, once, a movie for Marvel... and they cut the whole f**king thing out..." Photo Credit: Marvel Photo Credit: Marvel
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The actor explained he had a better experience working with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller on the Sin City sequel, 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.' He pointed out that, "When you work with Robert, he knows what he wants so you're not doing a whole bunch of (unnecessary work). I do a whole bunch of research, work on the character a lot, so when you bring it to the table, it's disappointing when they cut stuff out... " Rourke continued on commenting on how great it was to work with Rodriguez and Miller, "And then Frank's on the set and he puts his two cents in, so it's great because you've got two guys who are very enthusiastic and know exactly what they want."
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Mickey Rourke just finished working on a new feature film, 'Ashby' along side Emma Roberts and Sarah Silverman. What do you think?Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting. Photo Credit: Paramount

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