Mickey Rourke Fought a Homeless Man in Viral Boxing Match

Mikey Rourke fought a "homeless drifter" in Russian professional boxing match.

Mickey Rourke, 62, became a viral sensation last week after winning a professional boxing match last Staurday night. But, according to reports his opponent was a "homeless drifter" who took a dive. Mickey Rourke Boxing Match Andrea Raffin / Below is the video of the fight. In the first round, Rourke prances around slowly, barely punching his opponent at all, while his opponent barely throws a punch in his general direction. But, in the second round, Rourke grazes his opponent's side with a body shot, and his opponent goes down to a knee. The Russian announces can be heard laughing at this TKO. The opponent gets up, and Rourke punches him around a couple more times with body shots that do not even appear the opponent, but this time the fighter goes down and the announces laugh once again. If you are interested to learn who Mickey Rourke was fighting, the Daily Mail reports that Rourke's opponent it was Elliot Seymour a 29 year old "homeless drifter" had a professional record of 1-10. Seymour allegedly trained in Rourke's gym and was paid to lose. I do not know wether or not if it is true that Mickey Rourke used this fight as a publicity stunt. But, based on the fight it is clear that Seymour lost on purpose. I just hope Elliot Seymour made enough money to find a home. What do you think?Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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