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‘Mercy’ Casting Call: Annabelle Wallis Teaming Up With Chris Pratt and Rebecca Ferguson


Actress Annabelle Wallis will join Chris Pratt and in Amazon MGM Studios' sci-fi thriller ‘Mercy,' reports Variety. Wallis, known for her key roles in films like “Annabelle”, “Malignant”, and “The Mummy,” is expected to bring her unique blend of and experience to this highly anticipated project. However, the specifics of Wallis and 's characters are currently undisclosed.

Key Takeaways:
– Annabelle Wallis is set to join Chris Pratt and Rebecca Ferguson in the upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Mercy.'
– The will be directed by Timur Bekmambetov and screen-written by Marco Van Belle.
– ‘Mercy' is set to start production this spring with a worldwide theatrical release scheduled for August 15, 2025.
– Charles Roven, Recent Academy Award Winner for ‘Oppenheimer,' is producing the movie under Amazon MGM studios.

‘Mercy' Marks Chris Pratt and Timur Bekmambetov's Reunion

‘Mercy' will serve as a reunion for Chris Pratt and director Timur Bekmambetov, the pair previously worked together on ‘Wanted.' The storyline is set in the near future, a time where capital crimes have risen exponentially. Pratt will play a detective accused of a violent crime and is forced to prove his innocence. The screenplay was penned by Marco Van Belle, known for his on ‘Arthur & Merlin.'

Production Set to Begin This Spring

Amazon MGM Studios has announced that ‘Mercy' is planned to go into production this spring. The film is already marked for a worldwide release on August 15, 2025. Charles Roven, fresh off his Academy Award win for producing ‘Oppenheimer,' is attached as the producer for ‘Mercy' alongside Atlas 's SVP Robert Amidon, Bekmambetov's BEL banner, and Majd Nassif.

A Look at Annabelle Wallis's Acting Credits

Having earned her acting stripes through a significant number of credits in film and , Wallis carved out her reputation especially in horror films such as ‘Annabelle and ‘Malignant.' Beyond these, her acting credits string along ‘The Tudors,' ‘X-Men: First Class,' ‘The Brothers Grimsby,' and more. Currently, she's involved with ‘The Silence of Mercy,' a project distinct from Bekmambetov's upcoming film.

Fan Anticipation for ‘Mercy'

Chris Pratt, acclaimed for his role in ‘' and Rebecca Ferguson known for ‘Mission: Impossible,' together with Wallis's addition, has stirred significant excitement among . As the cast and get ready to kickoff production this spring, fans are eagerly anticipating what the trio will bring on screen in ‘Mercy.'

In conclusion, ‘Mercy' holds promise as a thrilling sci-fi feature and fans have every reason to be excited. With Wallis joining Pratt and Ferguson under Bekmambetov's direction, brace yourselves for a riveting venture into a futuristic world marked by heightened crime. Stay tuned to witness Pratt's character navigating through a murky world in a bid to prove his innocence.

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