Man Dies After Watching 'The Conjuring 2'

Man dies while watching The Conjuring 2.

The Times of India reports that a 65-year-old man at a movie theater died of a heart attack during a screening of The Conjuring 2. According to police, the moviegoer complained of chest pains and fainted at the climax of the movie.When he was rushed to the hospital, the man would ultimately be pronounced dead. However, that's when things get even creepier. The man's body was sent to the Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for the postmortem, but the corpse never showed up. In fact, the cadaver and the person entrusted with transporting it have disappeared. In addition, Police are now on the lookout for the body and the body driver. However, it's important to keep in mind that Hollywood has a long history of creating viral stories especially, when it comes to horror movies. In fact, when Charlie Charlie Challenge - a believed satanic ritual that would bring the ghost of Charlie to your home - went viral, millions of people started to believe it was real. However, it was then discovered it was just a marketing strategy for the movie The Gallows.

As the video shows above, this Charlie Charlie Challenge thing comes from a scene in the movie ‘The Gallows,’ a horror movie that was filmed before this challenge started. They are obviously behind the social media trend.

Some people took this #CharlieCharlieCharlieChallenge very seriously. One priest in Philadelphia wrote an open letter to students about the dangers of this “demonic” challenge. When it actuality it was all a giant marketing campaign.

While we cannot confirm that this man's death and disappearance is actually true or an elaborate marketing stunt, it's still pretty damn interesting.

Via The Times India


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