Need Cash Now? 5 Ways to Make Money FAST

make money

Are you looking for new ways to make money?

Do you need extra cash to get through the month? If so, then I have a job for you?

Get paid to watch videos

Millions of people spend hours upon hours watching YouTube videos. What if I told you there is a way to get paid for watching YouTube. The folks over at Swag Bucks will pay you to watch videos. That's right – this company will compensate you for watching videos that you would probably watch on your own.

Now, these videos are not as entertaining, funny, or exciting as a Netflix TV series but they will pay you. The videos are sponsored by brands who need to get them in front of as many people as possible. Every time you watch one of the ads swag Bucks will credit your account with a little bit of money. In fact, you'll get paid five dollars just for signing up.

Get paid for using your phone

Nielsen Mobile PanelIf you currently have a smart phone, then I have the perfect app for you. Nielsen will pay you $50 a year to keep this app on your cell phone while you browse the web like you normally do. That's right, you will get paid to use your cell phone. It doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

SavvyConnect — You can earn $5 per device (phone, tablet or computer) for each month SavvyConnect is installed. That’s a total of up to $180 per year to help rank the most popular sites and apps. Make sure you keep it installed at least a month to get your first $5 per device.

Digital Reflection Panel - Do you need money fast? Digital reflection panel will pay you over $200 a year to let the company gather data about your Internet habits to provide feedback to other businesses in hopes of making the Internet better. All you have to do is connect the device to your wireless router and due device updates every so often. It takes a few minutes to fill out the necessary information and survey to participate. Then the device will show up at your doorstep and your an extra $25 for installing it within four days of it arriving. On top of that, you'll receive $60 after the first two months and $10 each month after you keep it plugged in after that. Or you can try becoming an actor. Check out the latest casting calls here. What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.