Aspiring Model With Down Syndrome To Walk At NYFW

Madeline Stuart, aspiring model with Down Syndrome is going to walk this year at New York Fashion Week.

Earlier this year, the world was introduced to 18-year old model Madeline Stuart. This week it was announced that she  will be walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. Madeline Stuart is famous. After making her announcement to her over 400,000 fans on Instagram and Facebook Pages, Madeline Stuart is breaking records. While advocate and 'American Horror Story' actress Jamie Brewer was the first Down Syndrome model to walk the NYFW runway, Madeline is the first to be booked for two different Fashion week events. EverMaya is one of the companies that booked Madeline and will also be releasing a limited edition line of handbags in her honor. Madeline is amazing and is a true inspiration to any aspiring model.