Live-Action Kim Possible Movie Auditions LEAK Online (VIDEO)

Kim Possible movie have leaked online.

Last week, news broke that the Disney Channel is developing a live-action version of the classic teenage spy cartoon Kim Possible. Casting has begun on the TV movie in search for the next Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and their sidekick Wade.

The movie script is being written by the series creator Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley. It also being co-produced and co-directed by Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky.

According to reports, audition tapes with an unknown aspiring actress Piper MacKnnon reading for the role of Kim possible has surfaced online. Also,  auditions have surfaced of actress Shailyn Pierre-Dixo reading for her friend Artemis.

Here’s the script used in the video auditions, thanks to Omega Underground.

#Scene 1

Kim Possible – “My name is Kim Possible! 3 years ago I received a distress call meant for a elite team of super spies. I had already finished my homework so I answered! Turns out I had a knack for saving the world. Tonight’s sitch saving Pop Pop the Corn Dog King being held hostage by the tectonic try-hard himself Dementor.

[Frame on Ron>

Kim Possible – “This is Ron Stoppable. My best pal, my confidant. The best sidekick a gal could have. He really needs to work on his one-liners though.

[Frame on Wade]

Kim Possible – That’s…Wade. Wade finished college in eight months when he was 10! He keeps a very close eye on us. Since we started saving the world Ron and I have been tangling with this creep Dr. Drakken. Evil genius bent on world domination. His butt was no match for our butt-kicking. We locked him up for good last year. Giving us more time for chill adventures. Like rescuing  beloved fast food groups. I’m going to stop narrating now your up to speed. If not? I’m sure there is a Wiki.

#Scene 2

Kim Possible – “I finished my summer reading two weeks ago, watched a VR walk-through of the school so I don’t get lost. Memorized my schedule, informed the lunch staff that I am glutton free. Except when it’s brownie Sunday. And my cheer leading squad routine is….if I don’t say so myself…flawless! And I’ve categorized my outfits for the month and this morning I started prepping for my mid-term and finals. Even though they are 4 and 8 months away.

Women – “Wow you’ve been really busy since…”

Kim Possible – “3 A.M!…..4 A.M…..I took a nap after saving Pop Pop from certain doom. “

Mother – “Wow my girl. Have you ever considered the possibility on not figuring it all out your first day?”

Kim Possible – “I am! I’ve allotted myself time on the morning of Day 2 for an extra wiggle room.”

Mother – “Kimmy….”

Kim Possible – “Mom…I know your just looking out for me but honestly looking at the raw data. High School isn’t anymore challenging or difficult than Grade School, Junior High or saving the world!”

Mother – “But what if it is?”

Kim Possible – “Then, I’ll handle it. I’m Kim Possible! I can handle it. That’s who I am, that’s what I do. That’s what people think when they think of me.”

Mother – “You’re so much more than that…”

Kim Possible – “Am I?”

Mother – “Just know that we love you and we are here for you if it turns out not to be true.”

Kim Possible – “I have the genes of a rocket scientist and a black belt brain surgeon! I think I’ll survive High School.

Scene #3

Kim Possible – “Shego”

Shego – “Possible it’s been too long…”

Kim Possible – “I can’t save I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic. Were trying her out….Artemis get the cube!  I’m gonna give you once chance to come clean Shego. What are you gonna do with that brain cube? Rob cuff her! Ron…are you OK buddy? I thought you’d never ask….Wade’s force field saved our bacon. But the cube!”

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