A "Kylo Ren Challenge" is Going Viral

Just when you thought the hype around the Star Wars franchise was over, a new Shirtless Kylo Ren challenge is going viral.

Since the scene in the Last Jedi where Kylo Ren appears shirtless to Rey, via the Force, it really has been a trending topic on Twitter. Now, a Kylo Ren challenge has gone viral.

Do you, too, want to figure out if you look cool wearing stupid-tall pants? Then this is the challenge for you. Over the last 24 hours, dudes (and a few ladies) have taken to the social media site to post their own picture to the Kylo Ren challenge. All you’ve got to do is put on really high pants and share the picture on social media.

It really started going viral after John Mayer posted his own picture on Instagram wearing high waisted pants.

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