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Kevin Conroy: The Bat-Voice Rumored for a Marvel Cinematic Universe Involvement


Key Takeaways:

– Renowned Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy was speculated to join 's “: Infinity War.”
– Fans believed Conroy might voice one of Thanos' Black Order characters.
– Despite showing interest in playing a Marvel character, Conroy did not star in the .
– Source: FandomWire

Renowned for his iconic portrayal of Batman's character in various animated versions, Kevin Conroy has become a superhero legend. His tenure in the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) has spanned decades, leading to interesting speculations about his potential involvement in one of Marvel's most iconic releases. One of these rumors, revolving around a much-anticipated movie, was particularly noteworthy.

A Rumored Transition to Marvel

Around the launch period of “,” one of Marvel's most iconic films, speculation was rife about Conroy's potential involvement. Marvel fandoms were in a buzz about who would form the cast of this much-hyped film. This speculation became particularly pronounced when it came to casting new characters such as Thanos' Black Order or the of Thanos, as revealed by Bounding Into Comics.

Voicing one of these new characters seemed like a considerable possibility for Conroy. Following Marvel executive Kevin Feige's teasing hint to Vulture about well-known voice doing the Black Order's voices, fans naturally turned their focus towards Conroy, a well-established name in the voice-acting community.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Some comments made by Conroy to Comicbook.com also served to intensify these rumors. When asked about his interest in playing a Marvel character, Conroy expressed his enthusiasm, specifically expressing an interest in playing a villainous character. His exact words were, “Of course. I'm an actor. Actors want challenges, they want to be stretched.” Unfortunately, these words, while tantalizing, were not a of his involvement.

A Dream Not Fulfilled

Subsequent events revealed that Kevin Conroy did not appear in “Avengers: Infinity War.” The roles in Thanos' Black Order were, in fact, played by heavyweights Terry Notary, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Carry Coon, and Michael James Shaw.

Despite the unfounded rumors, Conroy's interest in becoming part of the Marvel Universe represents potential future crossover . With the possibility of his talented Batman voice bringing a Marvel character to life, fans can continue to speculate and hope for a DC/Marvel crossover.

While Conroy's Marvel debut was confined to rumors around “Avengers: Infinity War,” his interest in taking on a Marvel character showcases an actor's desire to challenge conventions and explore new realms. It also goes to show how, in the exciting world of superhero stories, the lines between different universe franchises may blur. Whether or not a DC stalwart like Conroy will ever join the Marvel universe is uncertain, but the actor's willingness to entertain such an idea leaves the door for some intriguing possibilities.

The intrigue that surrounded this speculation testifies to Conroy's prominence in the comic fandoms. Known better as Batman amongst fans, the actor's transition from DC to Marvel, while being a significant departure, would undeniably add another feather to his cap. Despite not materializing in “Avengers: Infinity War,” the entire episode showcases the potential for exciting collaborations in the superhero context.


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