Keegan Michael Key from 'Key and Peele' Somewhat Embarrassing 1996 Short Film, "Billy Yellowcorn"

Watch this somewhat embarrassing 1996 short film starring Key from 'Key and Peele'.

The road to success is not always paved with gold. Sometimes, it is filled with speed bumps, pot holes, and wrong turns. In this 1996 short film, "Billy Yellowcorn" only has 100 views as of writing this article, represents the rare and early work by 'Key and Peele' star Keegan Michael Key when he was 25 years old. It is basically a one-location story about Key making a tape recording explaining to his family why he is leaving the city so he can go live with his father and learn how to be an Indian. It is interesting to see how good of an actor Key was at such an early age and a solid written film. But, at the same time the video is really corny reminiscent of an early student film. Check it out below: Nearly 20 years later, Key and Peele is one of the most watched comedic duos on Comedy Central. It was announced that Comedy Central plans on releasing a new cartoon, and another season of 'Key and Peele'. But, in the road to success it is a journey more so than a race and Key definitely shows that he has come a long way since "Billy Yellowcorn". Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.