Katie Couric’s Daytime Talk Show Officially Canceled

Katie Couric's Show is Officially Cancelled

First reported on, Katie Couric's Daytime Talk Show officially got the axe today.
The critically acclaimed journalist, Katie Couric has officially been canceled, an expected move as the show could compete with 'Ellen' and 'Dr. Phil.' 'Katie' will continue to air through June, 2014 according to a mutual statement by both Couric and Disney-ABC.
“While production will continue on Katie’ through June 2014, we’ve mutually agreed that there will not be a third season of the show. We’re very proud of everyone’s contributions to making Katie the No. 1 new syndicated talk show of 2012-2013, and we look forward to the rest of the season.”
Recently, ratings finally reached to a decent level. For example, according to, on the week of December 2nd, Katie had 2.267 million total viewers. But, it was reported last month that Katie Couric said she was leaving ABC News to work for Yahoo to serve as the company's new Global Anchor. Many argue that her move from ABC News to Yahoo was the reason for the daytime show's cancellation.
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