Kanye West: Will Ferrell is a "Walking Living Breathing God"

Kanye West is probably Will Ferrell's biggest fan.

Critics hated Zoolander 2. The sequel to Ben Stiller's cult classic about the world of male modeling currently has a 23% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But the movie has at least one person on its side: Kanye West. Kanye West admitted on Twitter that he's seen Zoolander 2 twice and thinks Will Ferrell is a living god. While we can all appreciate Will Ferrell's comedic timing. Kanye West went on by saying that Ferrell had reached "Bruce Lee status" with his latest movie. That may seem pretty off but, Kanye's recent history on Twitter doesn't really make sense in the first place. It is important to point out that Kanye West allegedly begged Will Ferrell for a role in one of his movies. However, his audition tape for Semi-Pro was so "terrible" that Ferrell decided to cast Andre 3000 instead.

This is for the role he lost to Andre Benjamin and it’s very obvious why — he’s a terrible actor. He’s wearing a ridiculous afro wig that he brought himself to the interview. He seems insecure and wooden through the whole tape, including some gems like:

“I did it much better in my dining room” and after the audition asking “It’s not great like I leave the office and not-so-great?”

And this is not the fist time Kanye West praised Will Ferrell. The rapper sampled the comedian in one of his studio albums, cameo in his films and frequently plays him unreleased music. Kanye West even told GQ in an interview that Kanye West often cites Will Ferrell as a spiritual guide alongside God. During the interview, he repeated a line from Step Brothers to illustrate why he decided to marry Kim Kardashian: “Never lose your dinosaur.” Never a dull day with Kanye West on Twitter.

What do you think of Kanye West's reveiw of Zoolander 2? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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