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Johnny Depp Stars in a Lavish Scandalous Affair in Maïwenn’s ‘Jeanne Du Barry’


Key Takeaways:

– French filmmaker Maïwenn gives a glimpse into the notorious scandal of Jeanne Du Barry with the release of the trailer.
– Johnny Depp returns to the big screen post his legal battle to play King Louis XV, while Maïwenn stars as the audacious Jeanne Vaubernier.
– This film is an adaptation of the infamous affair between Louis XV and his last official mistress, Jeanne Du Barry.
– The trailer demonstrates the opulent, flamboyant nature of the time period with hints of Depp’s scandalous portrayal as Louis XV.
– The period drama is set to hit screens on May 2, 2024.

The cinematic world had its first taste of French filmmaker Maïwenn’s opulent portrayal of one of history’s most scandalous tales with the release of the trailer for ‘Jeanne Du Barry’. The feature film acts as a comeback for Johnny Depp, posturing him in the extravagant role of Louis XV. The film, an expressive narrative intertwining love, scandal, and societal defiance, is sure to captivate audiences worldwide. Look forward to witnessing more dramatic flare in this release than an entire season of the well-known series Bridgerton. The tantalizing footage plunges viewers into an era of grandeur, reigning monarchs, and scandalous relationships.

Scandal and Aspiration Merge in ‘Jeanne Du Barry’

Maïwenn has teamed up with Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Richard, Melvil Poupaud, and Pascal Greggory to execute this historical portrayal. The film circles around the life of Jeanne Vaubernier, an ambitious working-class woman who leaps societal boundaries in her pursuit of affluence. In a daring act of triumph against the constraints of her birth, she becomes the last recognized mistress of Louis XV.

A character remembered for his reign, Louis XV held the longest sway over France, surpassed only by Louis XIV. Despite being known as “the beloved,” Louis XV left an unsavoury legacy tainted with allegations of corruption and debauchery. This significant role for Depp marks his first substantial screen presence since his involvement in the 2020 film Minamata, directed by Andrew Levitas.

Depicting a Defiant Love Story

Incorporating elements of love, defiance, and societal uprising, the narrative walks us through Jeanne’s life as she climbs the ranks of society to win Louis XV’s heart. The king, upon falling in love with the spirited Jeanne, tossed tradition aside, causing an uproar in the Royal Court not willing to accept a commoner in their elite fold.

Maïwenn elegantly demonstrates her directorial prowess, embellishing the love story between an infamous king and his audacious mistress. The film also divulges Jeanne Du Barry’s relentless struggle in overcoming societal indifference, battling orthodox norms, and becoming an object of affection for the French king.

The Dazzling Period Drama Slated for Release in 2024

Fans of period pieces are buzzing with anticipation as the release date for ‘Jeanne Du Barry’ nears. Slated to hit theaters on May 2, 2024, the film is expected to provide deep insight into French societal structures and personal relationships of the historic era. Alongside the revealing trailer, Vertical and Fathom revealed the official poster for this upcoming movie, adding to the mounting excitement around the film.

With the trailer hinting at the splendid portrayals of Johnny Depp and Maïwenn, along with the talented ensemble cast, cinema lovers are eager to get their fill of this lavish drama through their big-screen experience. Prepare to be transported to the bold, scandal-ridden era of King Louis XV and his infamous mistress, Jeanne Du Barry, in Maïwenn’s stirring depiction of this tumultuous love affair.

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