Entertainment NewsJoe Rogan Slams Conor McGregor for Saying Acting is Harder Than Fighting

Joe Rogan Slams Conor McGregor for Saying Acting is Harder Than Fighting


Key Takeaways:
transitions from UFC fighting to acting in the movie Road House.
– McGregor claims acting is harder than fighting.
– Joe Rogan slams McGregor's comments, pointing to McGregor's of injuries in the Octagon.

UFC Conor McGregor has transitioned from the world of fighting to the silver screen, making his acting debut in the recent adaptation of the iconic movie, Road House. Co-starring , the new release has already drawn positive responses on Amazon Prime Video.

Conor McGregor's Debut in Road House

The Notorious' McGregor plays the role of Knox, a hard-hitting enforcer tasked with taking control of a club that becomes embroiled in organized crime. He shares the stage with accomplished actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who portrays an ex-UFC fighter thrust into the murky underworld.

Originally for a cameo part, McGregor's character became larger as the action film progressed, resulting in the former UFC champion landing a substantial role. He matches blows with Gyllenhaal throughout the high-stakes narrative.

McGregor Compares Fighting to Acting

When McGregor compared acting to fighting in UFC, he suggested that the former was more challenging than he had anticipated. Memorizing lines, perfecting the timing, and engaging in believable interactions with others differed remarkably from his usual physical confrontations in the Octagon.

“Acting [is harder]. Time, time, time consumption; and it's not just action, fighting, and . You also need to remember the line and time things correctly. You're engaging with another person. It's just a difficult game, a lot more difficult than I gave it credit for,” McGregor shared.

Co-star Jake Gyllenhaal commended McGregor for his efforts, explaining how the Irishman had to convey authentic fight scenes convincingly for the camera.

Joe Rogan Response to McGregor's Claim

However, not everyone agreed with McGregor's evaluation. Widely recognized UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan took profound issue with McGregor's assertion that acting was harder than fighting.

During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, he vehemently disagreed with McGregor, reminding him of the severe injuries he sustained in the Octagon, making it abundantly clear he believed fighting was tougher than acting. He said, “That's not true. Act in Road House or fight Khabib again. Shut the f*ck up. He his leg in a fight. That's way harder than acting.”

Rogan brought up McGregor's infamous battle with Khabib Nurmagomedov, a high-grossing pay-per-view spectacle characterized by intense competitiveness on and off the ring. He also mentioned the leg injury that McGregor suffered during a fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264— an injury that significant time off to recover from.

Though McGregor has taken a break from fighting to focus on healing and his newfound acting career, he has vowed to return to fighting and face Michael Chandler in the Octagon.

In conclusion, although McGregor may find some aspects of acting challenging, his comments have stirred in the fighting , notably with Joe Rogan. It's clear that transitioning from the Octagon to the screen has been a journey of for the UFC champion, one that holds more twists and turns in the path ahead.

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