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Jamie Lee Curtis Expresses Full Support for SAG-AFTRA Strike, Addressing Previous Neutrality Controversy


Jamie Lee Curtis has taken a moment to clarify her stance on the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, following online criticism for her initial comments expressing a neutral position in the negotiations between the actors’ union and major studios and streaming platforms.

Curtis has responded to the backlash after her initial remarks during the Project Angel Food’s event, where the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation Campus was inaugurated in Los Angeles. Her interview garnered attention, with critics accusing her of being impartial in the dispute between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Curtis shed light on the situation, stating, “I attended a wonderful charity event celebrating the groundbreaking for the new @projectangelfood campus, and I was asked about the strike, to which I responded with a comment likening my stance to Switzerland.” She clarified, “However, the relentless news cycle has propelled me to clarify my position. Let me make it unequivocal: I stand FIRMLY BEHIND the @sagaftra strike. I’ve volunteered to create signs multiple times and contributed to the relief fund. I am aligned with the leadership and fully endorse our demands. As a devoted union member, I am not involved in any negotiation panel.”

The accomplished Oscar-winning actress expressed her desire for a prompt resolution between both sides and a return to productive discussions. Notably, the actors’ union joined forces with the Writers Guild, who have been on strike since May, uniting on the picket lines on July 14 due to stalled contract negotiations.

Curtis emphasized, “In conflicts, it’s imperative to consider all perspectives to find a fair and amicable solution. Can we cease sensationalist reporting and refocus on negotiating at the table?”

Curtis’ original comments emerged when questioned about the strike during the event above. At that time, Curtis had conveyed her optimism in seeking a comprehensive view of the matter, asserting the importance of identifying common ground between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP.

She articulated, “I strive to maintain neutrality. My inclination is not toward polarization. I’m troubled by the adversarial tone from both ends.” In her interview with Variety, she shared, “Resolving any dispute entails compromises, and compromises usually don’t satisfy all parties. A resolution will arise, though not all parties will be content. I am perturbed by the ‘us versus them’ mentality. The division concerns me. Our industry is interconnected. Let’s acknowledge our interdependence as human beings, as opposed to AI, and recognize that our collaboration is paramount.”

Curtis is one of many figures in the entertainment world to clarify their stance in response to social media criticism amid the strike. Zachary Levi, known for his role in Shazam!, faced a viral reaction to comments he made at a fan event, labeling the union’s promotional constraints on studio content as “unwise.” He subsequently clarified that his words were misconstrued. Stephen Amell, star of Arrow, previously indicated his lack of support for the actors’ strike and its potential influence on promotional activities. Amell revisited his statements in light of the ensuing controversy, reiterating his endorsement for SAG-AFTRA.

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