Entertainment NewsJack Black Sees Prospective Sequel To "Tropic Thunder" Despite Potential Backlash

Jack Black Sees Prospective Sequel To “Tropic Thunder” Despite Potential Backlash


Key Takeaways:
– Jack Black suggests a sequel to the cult comedy Tropic Thunder with an envisaged title as Arctic Lightning.
– He acknowledges the potential backlash the sequel may face in the current climate but still believes it would be worth it.
– Reflecting on the original Tropic Thunder film, he praised the fun environment and camaraderie of the despite challenging shoot locales.
– Despite initial controversies, the original film received positive reviews and performed well at the .

Bold Proposal for Tropic Thunder Sequel

Accomplished actor Jack Black, famous from the 2008 comedy hit film “Tropic Thunder,” has expressed interest in reuniting the original cast for a sequel, which he has tentatively titled “Arctic Lightning.” Engaged in a conversation on Joe podcast, Black predicted that the sequel could face backlash, potentially leading to its cancellation. Nevertheless, the actor believes that bringing back the ensemble cast for a sequel would be worthwhile.

Camaraderie Amidst Challenges on the Tropic Thunder Set

Tropic Thunder, despite being set in challenging locations like the jungles of , was an enjoyable experience for Black, who further expressed his longing to work with the original cast again. The film, directed by , also starred ., Jay Baruchel, and Brandon T. Jackson. They played a group of high-maintenance who were shooting a Vietnam War film, injected with a lot of humor. Black reminiscences about how difficult, yet fun it was to film amidst the harsh filming conditions of Kaua'i island in Hawaii.

Remembering Tropic Thunder's Success and Controversies

Upon its release, Tropic Thunder faced scrutiny for its portrayal of disabled individuals and the use of blackface makeup by Robert Downey Jr. Despite the , the film was well-received, drawing praise for its unique character explorations, engaging storyline, and faux . Downey Jr's exceptional performance amplified his position in Hollywood, earning him nominations for an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

Financially too, Tropic Thunder was a winner. The film raked in approximately $195 million globally against a $92 million budget—truly worthy of being called an iconic film. However, a sequel with a similar thematics to the first film might not work out in 's changing world, Black wisely opined.

Embracing the Possibility of a Cancellation

Jack Black was well aware that if the sequel follows the footprints of the first one, it might receive heavy public backlash due to increased scrutiny on representation and characterizations as the world has evolved since the movie's release in 2008.

Despite acknowledging the sequel's potential fallout, Black held firm to his belief that it would be worth the risk, emphasizing the fun and camaraderie that marked their time on the original set. While the prospect of a Tropic Thunder sequel remains up in the air, of the original will undoubtedly be intrigued by Black's proposal. One can only wait and see if this imagined sequel ever comes to fruition. However, such a reunion of the original cast promises to deliver electrifying performances and rib-tickling scenarios, just like the original film.

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