Entertainment NewsIconic Indian Deity Hanuman Inspires Dev Patel's "Monkey Man"

Iconic Indian Deity Hanuman Inspires Dev Patel’s “Monkey Man”


Key takeaways:

– Dev Patel's upcoming , “Monkey Man,” draws inspiration from the Indian deity Hanuman.
– Hanuman, known for immense strength and unwavering devotion, aligns with Patel's creative vision for the movie.
– Despite facing severe injuries and challenges, Patel remained dedicated to yielding this passion .
– The movie, releasing on April 5, has received an incredibly positive reception with a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Lifting Indian Mythology Onto the Big Screen

Dev Patel, widely applauded for his stellar performances in the global film , ventures into the world of Indian mythology with his latest project, “Monkey Man.” Scheduled for release on April 5, the actor assumes multiple roles as the movie's lead actor, the director, and the writer. The action-packed film is inspired by Hanuman, a powerful and faithful figure from ancient Indian mythology.

Bringing the Tale of Hanuman to Life

In a recent chat with Jimmy Fallon, Patel unveiled the inspiration behind “Monkey Man.” He shared an anecdote about his wearing a chain with a pendant depicting a monkey holding a mountain, a reference to Hanuman's story from Indian mythology. Known for his superior strength and devout loyalty to Lord Rama in the Hindu epic Ramayana, Hanuman is worshipped for his courage and righteousness in Hindu culture. Patel beams that Hanuman bears a lot of similarity to Superman and serves as a who once lost his faith and had to rediscover himself.

Going the Mile for Authenticity

Patel's character in the movie dons a monkey mask and takes up the mantle of a fighter seeking justice for past wrongs. Patel strives to represent marginalized and often overlooked characters, and he sees “Monkey Man” as the perfect platform for such representation.

Despite facing severe obstacles during , including a hand injury, Patel showed unflinching dedication to the project. He carried on filming with his broken hand, out of concern for the 450 reliant on him during the shoot, a testament to his passion and commitment.

A Decade of Careful Curation and Creation

Patel reveals that he has been nurturing the story of “Monkey Man” for the past ten years. From facing typecasting in Hollywood to riding the rollercoaster of movie during the pandemic, his journey has been monumentally challenging.

Despite these trials, the feedback for the movie has been largely positive, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it an impressive 93% rating. Patel's effort in highlighting the rich tapestry of Indian mythology, showcasing marginalized characters, and persevering against all odds has indeed paid off.

Insights into 's Rich Mythological Landscape

Patel's “Monkey Man” is set to expose the global audience to the grandeur and depth of Indian mythology. As he retells the story of Hanuman with a contemporary twist, audiences around the world await to experience this unique interpretation of one of India's most revered mythological figures.

In conclusion, Dev Patel's “Monkey Man” beckons everyone for an action-packed ride into the world of Indian mythology. Amid hardships and overwhelming odds, Patel managed to not only bring his intellectual child to life but also earn applauds and accolades even before its official release. Don't miss the chance to witness this gripping tale on April 5.

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